Friday, January 29, 2010

Celebrate Women in Horror Month

Women who love horror are more numerous than ever, and our voices have been growing continuously stronger in the horror community. It’s time for the horror community and society in general to realize the many talents of women within the industry and for women themselves to celebrate their many accomplishments and their love of horror! To celebrate all women who love horror, Fatally-Yours is featuring an interview series this February exclusively featuring women who are making an impact in the horror industry!

The amazing Hannah Neurotica of Ax Wound Zine first proposed the idea of a Women in Horror Recognition Month and decided that February would be an appropriate time to honor all women who love horror. You can get an idea of what the Women in Horror Month entails over at Women in Horror Month’s official website.

Being a woman in horror myself, I was absolutely thrilled and excited by Hannah’s brilliant idea. Why shouldn’t there be a month dedicated to recognizing and bringing awareness to women in horror? Women in horror are more than just “scream queens” (though hard-working and ambitious scream queens are to be admired as well). Women in horror do everything from directing, producing, acting, writing, reporting, blogging and so on, not to mention the women horror fans that love the genre as much as males (if not more). Women in horror come in all shapes and sizes and their beliefs run from feminist to traditionalist, but one thing they all share in common is their love of horror films!

So, during the month of February we here at Fatally-Yours will be posting interviews with a variety of women in horror – from authors to journalists to makeup and special FX artists to actresses to directors to producers to musicians and so on! Our goal is to show the horror community (and beyond) that women are very much involved with the horror industry and to inspire other women to get involved. We want to show just how important horror is to women and how women can contribute different ideas and perspectives to the horror genre. Each day we will feature multiple interviews with different women in horror and we sincerely hope you will join us in celebrating these amazing women in horror!

Women in Horror Interviewed:
Filmmaker and Actress Brooke Lemke
Actress and Filmmaker Rena Riffel
Filmmaker Amy Lynn Best
Wicked Apple Jewelry Artist Lin Pyatt
Fatally-Yours Founder Sarah Jahier
Filmmaker Lis Fies
Horror Journalist Jamie Jenkins aka Maven
Producer Debbie Brubaker
Actress and Filmmaker Kimberly Amato
Actress Michelle Tomlinson
Author, Actress and Performer Barbie Wilde
Author Skyler White
Filmmaker Maude Michaud
Rusty Eye Drummer Miss Randall
Photographer Paula Burr
Filmmaker J.A. Steel
Actress Melissa Bacelar
Horror Journalist Molly Celaschi
Publisher Jessie Lilley
Filmmaker Lisa Hammer
Artist and Comic Book Author Dame Darcy
Final Girl Blogger Staci Ponder
Filmmaker Reyna Young
Torture Couture Creator Graciela Martell
Central Valley Horror Club Founder Kaci Hansen
Author Sarah Langan
Actress Tara Cardinal
Indie Producer Nikki Wall
Horror Journalist Jovanka Vuckovic
Fascination with Fear Blogger Christine Hadden
Gruesome Details Blogger Nicole Raymond
Actress Raine Brown
Writer/Actress/Filmmaker Maureen “Mo” Whelan
Producer Nicole Williams
Actress and Shriekfest Film Festival Founder Denise Gossett
Actress Bianca Barnett
Filmmaker Sherezada Kent
Author and Actress Axelle Carolyn
Wildclaw Theatre’s Anne Adams
Costume Designer/Makeup Artist Aly Greaves
Horror Journalist Elaine Lamkin
Ravenous Romance Editor Lori Perkins
Cannibal Hollywood Blogger Nia Edwards-Behi
Filmmaker Sarah MacDonald
Author Louise Bohmer
Dread Central’s Debi Moore
Filmmaker/Pretty-Scary Founder Heidi Martinuzzi
Filmmaker Monica Puller
Filmmaker Emily Hagins
Journalist Staci Layne Wilson
Filmmaker/Actress Rachel Grubb
Filmmaker Paula Haifley
Chainsaw Mafia Founder Shannon Lark
Actress Zoe Daelman Chlanda
Horror Reviewer Kristin Grasso Theckston
Director Barbara Stepansky
Actress Manoush
Spooky Brew Blogger Maryanne Schultz
Horror Review Kelsey Zukowski
Filmmaker Tommy Brunswick
Gore Gore Dancer Reviews Blogger Aleata Illusion
Horror Journalist Heather Wixson
Actress Devanny Pinn
Day of the Woman Blogger Brittney-Jade Colangelo
Actress Felissa Rose
Filmmaker Michelle Fatale
Dollar Bin Horror Blogger Rhonda Kachur (aka Rhonny Reaper)

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