Monday, December 21, 2009

Top 5 Unusual and Underrated Christmas Horror Movies

It’s that time of year again when all the horror sites out there make their top whatever lists of holiday horror films to watch…and all the lists are pretty much the same. Aren’t you sick of being recommended for the umpteenth time to watch Silent Night, Deadly Night, Christmas Evil and Black Christmas? Are you looking for some new holiday horrors to spook your holiday spirit?

Well, look no further because I have compiled a very unique top 5 list of lesser-known and lesser-recognized holiday-themed horror movies that are sure to knock your stockings off!

5.) Wind Chill

It’s a snowy Christmas Eve and a college student who is trying to get home for Christmas is ride-sharing with a stranger. They are in an accident that leaves them stranded and then freaky stuff starts to occur. This is a more psychological horror film than anything else, though the strange stuff that happens to the stranded girl and guy is definitely eerie. Just don’t watch it before you have to travel for the holidays!

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4.) A Christmas Tale

Part of the DVD set “6 Films to Keep You Awake” from Spain, A Christmas Tale is about a group of childhood chums that stumble upon a thief dressed as Santa who has fallen into a hole in the forest. After learning she is a criminal who has recently stolen a bunch of money, the kids sadistically torture her with hopes they can get their money on the cash. Eventually, they think they’ve killed her, but the woman manages to escape and starts viciously hunting down the children to get her revenge. This is an extremely well-done and tense film, but also throws in some laughs with the Goonie-like group of kids and many ‘80s pop culture references.

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3.) Inside

It’s Christmas Eve, and pregnant Sarah is due the next day. She is tragically all alone after losing her husband in a car accident, but that’s about to change as she hears a knock at the door. A mysterious woman appears who eventually tries to break into Sarah’s house to kill her and her baby. Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past couple years, you’ve definitely heard about this ultra-violent and uber-gory French import. Not only is the gore fantastic, but I also love the performances by the two actors and the eerie isolation of Sarah’s home.

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2.) P2

A lot of people maligned this movie when it came out, but I actually enjoyed it. A woman fights for her life in her building’s parking garage when a lonely security guard who is obsessed with her decides that she’ll be spending Christmas with him this year. I was surprised how enjoyable this flick was, from the festive holiday dinner scene to how hard the main character actually fought back, and while it does have its flaws (the whole water in the elevator scene is a wee bit laughable) overall it was an entertaining holiday flick!

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1.) Sheitan

Beware the dangers of Christmas Eve! A group of twentysomethings meet a seemingly sweet and innocent woman at a club on Christmas Eve, who invites them back to her family’s run-down farmhouse in the French countryside. Once they arrive, the kids realize that the “family” is slightly off…Sheitan another uncomfortable French film and is probably the must disturbing and strange movies of the bunch. Not only does the film make you feel uncomfortable, but there is plenty of nasty violence, incest, sex and devil worship to shock and satiate even the most jaded of viewers.

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