Thursday, December 17, 2009

Book Review: Demon Days by Richard Finney and D.L. Snell

Demon Days offers up a hearty serving of end-of-the-world conspiracies, Biblical prophecy to the End Times, a clever spin on near death experiences and plenty of political intrigue. And after reading Demon Days cover-to-cover in one sitting, I was asking for seconds.

While on a romantic vacation, journalist Sandy Travis and fiancĂ© Tom are in a deadly helicopter accident and Tom has a terrifying near death experience. When Tom finally comes to, he tells Sandy that he was spoken to by the “Angel of Light”, who told Tom his work on Earth isn’t finished.

Meanwhile, Sandy is covering the attempted assassination of a high-ranking official who is being championed for trying to bring peace to the war-torn Middle East. As she delves deeper into the mystery of the assassin, a man she once knew, she uncovers a horrifying correlation between her husband’s story and the assassin’s.

With the help of Catholic priest Father Olsen, Sandy uncovers a plot of prophecy and possession that is moving toward triggering the End of Days. Can Sandy stop certain events from happening before they set off Armageddon or is she already too late?

This novel by authors Richard Finney and D.L. Snell is one fast-paced thrill ride! One part church-conspiracy novel, one part assassin thriller, one part possession horror story and one part gum-shoe noir, Demon Days is an intense and gripping read. I was so engrossed in its fast-paced story that I finished it in one sitting! Not very many books can hold me in their thrall like that, but Demon Days completely sucked me in.

I especially liked the sinister stance the authors took on near death experiences. The idea that the “light at the end of the tunnel” could actually be evil rather than good is a unique perspective I’ve never seen explored before! I love the concept of demons being able to possess people through near death experiences and think that Finney and Snell have introduced a very scary scenario with this idea.

It’s not only the intriguing story with its many twists and turns that enthralled me, but also the well-developed characters, all of whom I came to care about. There is a shocking and grisly death that occurs in the book that completely caught me off guard and was genuinely upsetting. It happens to a character we’ve come to love as much as the main character Sandy loves, so it’s quite startling when the death occurs.

Speaking of deaths, there are a few gruesome ones that happen in the book, but don’t expect a blood-soaked story. Demon Days works on a more psychological level, though the characters do suffer some rather violent attacks. One of the creepier scenes happens when Sandy discovers a hidden underground lair of the assassin, which is covered in excrement, vomit and other bodily liquids. Her descent into this dark pit of inequity was truly hair-raising! There is also a demon-possessed boy stalking Father Olsen (who happens to be blind) and his sudden appearances always got my pulse racing! The end boasts a mind-numbing twist that I did not see coming and sets up for the sequel, Demon Days: Angel of Light, which I eagerly await!

If demon-possession, near death experiences and church prophecies about Armageddon intrigue you, then I wholeheartedly recommend Demon Days! It is expertly written by Richard Finney (The Wind Raider) and D.L. Snell (Roses of Blood on Barbwire Vines) and is a nail-bitingly good novel that is hard to put down.

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