Monday, February 11, 2008

Gory Gear: Electric Zombie Clothing

1. Pertaining to, derived from, produced by, or involving electricity: an electric shock.
2. Producing, transmitting, or operated by electric currents: an electric bell; electric cord.
3. Electrifying; thrilling; exciting; stirring: The atmosphere was electric with excitement.

1. A reanimated corpse

Electric Zombie is the brainchild of designer Kyle Crawford, who has garnered much of his experience designing shirts for bands, record labels and tours in the hard rock/metal music community. His horror and metal-themed designs have ended up on CDs, posters, advertisements and even tour staging. While working with Rockett Clothing, Kyle was encouraged by many friends to start his own clothing company…with that, Electric Zombie was born. Kyle says he “wanted to have a company for those who loved horror and were a fan of my work. It’s like a comic book collection I share with everyone.”

Kyle chose the name “Electric Zombie” after designing a shirt of the same name for screamo band From First to Last. The name fits the shirts to a T (hehehe). The designs are electrifying and thrilling, with a major focus on horror themes.

If Electric Zombie has a shirt that best exemplifies its aesthetic, it would very well be the “Kill or Be Killed” shirt. It is a simple black shirt emblazoned with the motto “Kill or Be Killed.” This phrase could pretty much be the tag line for any horror movie, or perhaps for the whole horror genre itself! Its font has a very distressed, grindhouse-inspired look that is entirely eye-catching. The shirt fits snugly and is made of high-quality, thick fabric. “Kill or Be Killed” is a shirt sure to please any horror fan, or those that appreciate its take-no-prisoners motto.

Electric Zombie’s newer designs include the “Dome Splitter,” a blood-soaked homage to gruesome giallos or sanguine slashers. The large print features a woman who has just had her skull split open, with rivulets of blood dripping down her shocked face that is captured in mid-scream. It reminds me of the “Machete Zombie” from Dawn of the Dead or a set-piece from a Dario Argento bloodbath. One thing is for sure, gorehounds will delight over this drool-worthy design.

Another of Electric Zombie’s newest design included a very unique take on McDonald’s purple blob character, Grimace. Electric Zombie’s “Grimace” is a far cry from the dimwitted fatso featured in McDonald’s advertising. Electric Zombie’s Grimace is a green slime-oozing and drooling monster that shows a deceptive marketing tool for what it really is. Printed on soft purple shirt, Electric Zombie’s “Grimace” is a head-turner.

Inspired by horror movies, the 80s and life in general, Kyle Crawford’s Electric Zombie is going strong. Though Kyle plans on releasing more designs, he has no plans for expanded product lines. As he says, “I also don’t plan on releasing lines, just more or less batches of shirts as I get ideas. It’s something that’s very exciting and I’ve had a fun and positive response so far.”

Electric Zombie is another quality clothing label that makes unique and memorable horror shirts. What makes it even more amazing are the low prices…tees will usually only run you about $10!! Besides the three designs just discussed, Electric Zombie currently carries seven other original designs ranging from the comic book-inspired “Decay” shirt to the Friday the 13th homage called “Machete.”

Amazingly bold designs and unbelievably low prices make Electric Zombie another clothing company that we cannot recommend enough. They are truly in it “for the love of horror” and to bring fans satisfyingly gory and disturbing designs!

You can find Electric Zombie at – remember to keep checking back for new designs, including their “Grimace” and “Dome Splitter” designs, which aren’t available on their main site yet.

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