Monday, July 24, 2006

Race with the Devil (1975)

This 1970s action/horror/thriller film surprised me quite a bit. Though cheesy and unrealistic in places, the tense atmosphere and the creepy pretense carry the movie through. Two couples are vacationing in their brand spankin' new motor home when they witness something they shouldn't - a Satanic ritual that uses a human sacrifice. They are spotted, and so begins the race.

The Satanists seem to follow them throughout the countryside, and the four people don't know who to trust. The ending of this film is the best part, as it is quite shocking. It reminded me of The Wicker Man, though much much better (I hated The Wicker Man, so much that I failed to review it).

It's a very simple movie, though it works very well. I hadn't heard of it until I read a review of it somewhere, but I think it should be seen by more horror fans. Like the classic Texas Chain Saw Massacre, it uses the city vs. country theme. It preys upon the idea that city people shouldn't venture into the country, and that backwoods people don't like intruders in their territory. It's these kind of movies that creep me out - the kind where you inadvertently trespass upon someone's personal space and they react with fatal consequences. It's like unknowingly walking right into a hornets' nest; one minute you are fine, the next you are completely panicked.

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