Monday, November 29, 2010

Mr. Mullen (2010)

Scott Goldberg is known within the independent film scene for his political films, and his newest short, Mr. Mullen, is yet another example. Goldberg is a passionate filmmaker who hopes that his films will shake up the status quo and make people take a harsher look at the U.S. government and politics in general. Though his opinions might differ from your own, at least his films will make you think and really question your beliefs. I love films that challenge you and have a deeper meaning and would much rather sit through an intelligent film rather than a brainless hack ‘n’ slash (though I love those films too!).

Mr. Mullen is about corrupt and hypocritical government officials and how one man becomes completely fed up with the system and decides to take his revenge. With the economy in shambles and the empty promises of politicians filling the airwaves, this film feels perfectly apropos for the turbulent times.

The film has a gritty look that meshes perfectly with the frustration of our lead character, a character that many can empathize with. This character has lost his job, his savings and seemingly everything dear to him while the politicians around him continue to lie and live like fat cats. With so many unemployed citizens in the U.S. right now, this is probably a familiar tale for many.

Scott Goldberg has taken a nation’s anxieties, anger, frustration, pain, hopelessness and despair and placed them in Mr. Mullen. Not only does he address the down-the-toilet economy, staggering unemployment and the desperate populace, but he also focuses on the seemingly lost generation of people who don’t care about politics and are more interested in the latest celebrity gossip than important issues that actually affect them. This issue truly hit home because I feel like one of those brainless people sometimes! It is definitely time for me, and others like me, to wake up and take note of what is happening in our nation and our world.

Not only does Mr. Mullen shake and wake you, but it is also beautifully shot and edited. In the beginning it feels a bit fragmented, but this only highlights the fact of how disconnected each of us are not only from each other but also from the government and our own elected politicians. I also loved the stark cinematography of the film and how it is shot in chilly grays.

Mr. Mullen is not necessarily a horror movie, but its message is certainly nightmarish! Just like in They Live, people need to wake up and get involved to really make a difference! People need to take back their life, liberty and pursuit of happiness and stop letting big business and government control them. I, for one, am definitely glad to get this wake up call and thank Mr. Goldberg for creating such an important short film.

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