Friday, November 20, 2009

Gory Gear: Dance Party Massacre - Season 3

One of our favorite horror inspired clothing lines, Dance Party Massacre, is back with a whole new line of horrifyingly awesome tees! Their Season Three line is all about a retro vibe and feel while still keeping its wearers feeling fresh!

Case in point is the new tee called “The Trilogy”. This retro-styled tee is a throwback to ‘70s and ‘80s horror movie posters. It features plenty of booze, babes and blood to satisfy any nostalgic horror fan!

There is also “Survival Kit,” a red shirt featuring all the tools for surviving the horror trade including a cross, a butcher knife, a needle containing “the cure”, a flask containing “courage” and so on! This is one of the coolest shirts in the new line and will be sure to make you the center of attention!

The sweatshirt “Live Fast & Die Young” is sporty and boldly proclaims your intent to enjoy life while you still have it…before some masked killer comes to punish you for all the illicit fun you’ve been having! I really dig the style on this one, because it looks sporty but has a very anti-establishment message emblazoned across the front!

The colorful “Never Sleep” is emblazoned with eyeballs all over the front of a black tee. It is a very playful and fun tee, one that’s sure to turn some heads! Jeepers creepers, you’ll want to keep an eye on this one!

With Season Three, Dance Party Massacre has premiered their woman-only “Bite Me” tee! This vampy design is sure to attract attention, whether it is bloodsuckers out for a quick bite or passing pedestrians who will no doubt give you wide berth, which is hopefully the outcome you wanted! I love that DPM has made a strictly woman-only tee, especially one as sleek and stylish as “Bite Me”!

Dance Party Massacre has many other fantastic clothing designs and any horror fan would be lucky to wear their tees! With the holiday season coming up, now is a perfect time to add these to your wish list or buy them for that extra special someone in your life!

Dance Party Massacre is one of my favorite tee shirt companies because of their uniqueness, clever humor and killer style of their clothing. If they were a movie, they would definitely be a treasured cult classic!

Check out DPM’s killer site:

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