Monday, January 19, 2009

Just One Night (2008)

In this short film a cheating husband gets more than he bargains for when he leaves a bar with a beautiful woman, only to discover things are not what they seem. Think you know the story? Be prepared to be surprised because things are not what they seem to the viewer, either!

Just One Night is a short film where expectations are turned topsy-turvy and things just keep getting more complicated, even after the credits have rolled! This well-made low-budget short is a fun film to watch because nothing turns out like you expect it to!

Writer/director Mike West has created a drama/murder mystery that, while not exactly horror, kept my attention because of its twists and turns. This short film is professionally done, well-acted and has many surprises laying in wait. Keep watching through the credits, because it isn’t all over yet…

The actors all did a fantastic job here and I believed each and every one in their roles. They brought their characters, all filled with secrets, lies and yes, videotape, to life and really gave motivation to their characters’ actions. It is unfortunate that the most detestable character ends up surviving, though! I wanted to see this person suffer for their flippant attitude towards their marriage, but it just doesn’t end up quite as a I expected. Nonetheless, that just adds to the fact that Just One Night keeps you on your toes and nothing really goes as you assume it would.

I also thought the direction by Mike West was very competent for a low-budget short. To tell you the truth, the film looked and sounded very professional. One complaint, though, is that the film is marketed as an erotic thriller, but it was more PG-rated than anything else. I’m not asking for full-frontal or anything like that, I just think that if you bill yourself as “erotic” you should have something to show for it…but Just One Night really doesn’t, just a foggy shower scene and a light S and M session. Again, it also isn’t really a horror flick as it doesn’t show much blood, except for a cool bathtub-filled-with-bloody-water scene, so that was kind of a let down as well.

Despite these small complaints, Just One Night is a great effort from Road Rage Films and really surpassed my expectations of just being a cheap exploitation film. On the contrary, it is actually boasts a surprising plotline that doesn’t stick to regular genre conventions.

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