Monday, September 22, 2008

Gory Gear: Grim Threads

Horror fans are always hungry for new t-shirt companies that make one-of-a-kind horror tees. In a sea of black horror shirts adorned with horror movie logos/posters/etc., it’s hard to find something unique that stands out. That’s where new clothing company Grim Threads comes in! Their brightly colored, macabre shirts are the perfectly perky antidote to the ho-hum horror movie tees crowding the marketplace.

Taking inspiration from horror movies, street graffiti, art and anime, creator Schuyler Abrams infuses his tees with a vibrant energy most horror-inspired t-shirts lack. He is a horror fan who counts Suspiria, The Funhouse, Creepshow, Rosemary’s Baby and Donnie Darko among his cinematic influences for his art.

Abrams is a “one-man army,” running the whole Grim Threads empire himself. He says the only thing he doesn’t do is print the tees himself, leaving that to a print shop. He only just started Grim Threads in early 2008, and the company has been building a steady fan base ever since. The bold designs give fans much needed variety, coming in shades of rich purples, pumpkin-bright oranges, bubblegum pinks and deep blood reds.

Grim Threads newest design is called “Sunburn.” Coming in red (in men’s) and pink (in women’s), the tee features a cute anime-inspired vamp along the side. The bright colors and cartoonish look give the t-shirt a very playful and animated feel. It comes printed on soft cotton material that’s easy to cozy up to.

Another unique design (and the one that first caught my eye) is “Dosidicus Gigas (Giant Squid).” It’s a ghostly white tee with a fantastically designed giant squid stretching from shoulder to mid-stomach. The black squid contrasts nicely against the stark white shirt and I love the style that the squid was drawn in. When I was in high school, I was a bit of a geek and I was totally into cryptozoology. The infamous kraken (giant squid) was completely fascinating to me, so it’s no wonder why I love this shirt so much!

Grim Threads also has a few designs that are set to be released this fall and winter. The first is called “Sir Rottlsworth” and features a dapper ghoul (reminiscent of those from Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion) haunting a grave. Though colors might be altered, I really dig the orange tee the design is currently printed on. This is set to be released in October 2008, so keep your eyes peeled and put it on your Halloween wish list like I’m going to!

For winter, Grim Threads has the “Nevermore” tee, a classic black tee imprinted with a design of a raven. It’s “perfect for sitting in front of a fire reading many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore,” as Mr. Abrams says. The design of this t-shirt is simple, but the effect is still quite bold, as it is with all of Grim Threads tees.

Grim Threads makes limited edition pieces so, as Abrams puts it, “so that they feel unique. No one wants to wear something someone else has!” And unique is exactly what Grim Threads is…their clothes are original and morbidly fun! You can order the tees directly from Grim Threads on their website.

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