Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gory Gear: Plushybutt

Plushybutts are soft and cuddly creations handmade by Shannon Hahn. Hahn got the idea for making Plushybutts from a Christmas book that featured cute characters. She thought she could do better and put her sewing skills to the test! Without any premade patterns and various scraps of cloth Plushybutts was born!

Hahn creates new Plushybutts on a regular basis, with no two creations looking exactly alike. Her DIY attitude mixed with her love of “cute but ugly toys” lead to her creations of Foxy the Heart Eater, C-section Sammy, Bunny Kill, Bloodsucking Block Head and Wrecker the Worm, along with a plethora of other kooky creations. The toys looks like Japanese animated characters – they are brightly colored, come in all kinds of unimaginable shapes and sizes and are both terribly cute and endearingly ugly all at the same time!

We received Wrecker the Worm for the purposes of this review and this Plushybutt was pretty darn irresistible. Wrecker was made out of soft felt and hand-sewn together. His bright yellow chest and eyes stood out against his mottled, bottle-green body. His little bow tie was so darn cute…the only thing that seemed to be missing were some librarian glasses to complete the “book worm” look!

Plushybutt also carries many other plushy creations – including a gigantic bloody tampon, poop, an ax and many other cuddly (but bizarre) things! Hahn takes special orders so anything you would like can be handmade by her.

Each Plushybutt is unique and handmade, so everyone will get something special…no two are exactly alike! Hahn’s creations already have lots of happy customers (check out the photo section on their Myspace page!!!) and I’m sure many more are to come!

One day, Hahn hopes Plushybutt will be carried in stores like Hot Topic, where they’ll be available for adoption to a larger amount of hipsters. Currently, you can buy Plushybutt by contacting Hahn through their Myspace page or through select stores (check their blog for more info).

Visit Plushybutt on Myspace (website is coming soon!).

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