Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Night of the Demons 2 (1994)

Everyone knows that for a good time you should call Angela, because she puts on a killer party! This time around, a bunch of horny Catholic school students decide to crash her long-abandoned pad on Halloween night.

After one too many bumps in the night, the group (or what’s left of them) hightails it out of the house and back the tame Catholic school Halloween dance…but things don’t stay tame for long! It seems that they’ve brought Angela (Amelia Kinkade) back with them and soon all hell (literally) breaks loose! Can the kids, with the help of Sister Gloria (Jennifer Rhodes) and Father Bob (Rod McCary), banish Angela back to hell?

A perfect follow-up to the original, Night of the Demons 2 is chock full of TG and A – tits, gore and ass!!

The story is surprisingly well done, with lots of humor, gore and nudity to round out the party vibe of this movie. The characters are all nicely developed as well, even the ones that exist only as demon-fodder. The characters are anything but your cookie-cutter horror movie stereotypes (with the few exceptions of the slut, the jock, etc.) and are usually quirky and well-developed. I loved the character of Sister Gloria, especially the scene where she gets ready to fight Angela – rosary nun chucks – check, holy water balloons – check, yard stick – check!

The acting is wayyyy above average, with great performances across the board by the entire cast! A few familiar faces pop up here and there (Christine Taylor!), but all the actors are equally awesome when it comes to their performances.

Now let’s talk about what we’re really here for…the gore! The gore here is nice and juicy, just like in its predecessor, Night of the Demons. There are numerous bloody decapitations, stabbings and demons melting into chunky puddles of grue. There’s even one scene where a possessed girl’s boobs attack a guy, which you’d think would be every guy’s fantasy…but after you see this scene you’ll think otherwise!! She’s a real man-eater!

All in all, Night of the Demons 2 is an excellent sequel that’s the perfect mix of fun and gore to watch with friends on a balmy summer night.

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