Friday, December 28, 2007

Gory Gear: Creep Street Clothing

“Creep Street means you ain’t afraid to get epic and live life to the very last drop!”

Creep Street is an exuberant, colorful and 80’s street-inspired brand of clothing. Combining the flamboyant street style of the 80s with horror themes, Creep Street’s fusion of bright neon colors and monster designs create outspoken and unique clothing for fans of the 80s AND fans of horror movies.

Everything about Creep Street is giddily energetic, from their shirt designs to their old-skool Nintendo website intro (check out their killer site at! Horror fans that want to add a spark of vibrant color to their gory gear should check out the fun and playful designs of Creep Street.

The origins of Creep Street are as simple as the plot to an 80s slasher movie. Boris and Chip, two kids from New York with wayyyyy too much energy were bored with the current street-wear styles. They wanted clothes that they could relate to, clothes that expressed their love of monster movies and the 80s.
Creator Boris says:

“With us being 80′s babies, living in the 90′s and rocking out in the 2000′s, we quickly clicked for the love of neon colors, monster movies, skateboarding, dinosaurs, food, bad commercials and basically weird and creepy irrelevant things that were ultimately poor in taste.

With that being said and always wanting to start our own project – it was only proper to call ourselves Creep Street! We are our favorite movies, TV shows, and current Hollywood tabloids combined with the raddest of colors, love for gore, horror, b-movies, hip-hop, rock, and pretty much everything your parents told you not to do.”

And with that, Creep Street was born and is intent on taking over the world!

I got to check out four of Creep Street’s creep-tacular designs, and let me tell ya, any horror fan worth their 80s’-loving salt would flip over the horror-inspired designs. Their “Chopping Mall” shirt comes in an eye-popping blue, pink or yellow and features a gory-fied monster head emblazoned on the front.

Their “Filthy” shirt features Popeye getting the closest shave of his life by his nemesis Bluto! It’s my personal favorite and comes in toxic-waste green or clean-shaven white.

“Feast on Flesh” comes in putrid purple or ravaged red, and features a hungry-looking she-zombie looking for braiiiiiins! It even glows in the dark! Neat-O!

“Street Trash” features the gaping jaws of a very hungry looking vamp. It comes in putrescent pink or bottomless black. Don’t drink the hobo hooch from the film that the shirt takes its inspiration from!

Besides the four fearsome shirts I got to check out, Creep Street features many more designs that can be seen on their site,

Besides having totally tubular designs, Creep Street’s shirts are very high quality and pay careful attention to detail. The tags on the inside even have personalized messages on them! The shirts also boast a Creep Street logo on the back – something that looks cool but isn’t obtrusive.

Creep Street is definitely in it for the love! And the creators want to include as many people as they can in their world of monster movies, tabloids, video games, gore, hip-hop and horror! Highly original designs and colors make Creep Street one of the more unique horror brands out there today. If you want to stand out in a crowd and wear the most bodacious shirts, Creep Street is the place you wanna be.

Creator Boris puts it best when he says, “We get epic and hope you do too!”

Check out Creep Street and more of their designs on

Remember to “CREEP IT REAL!!!”

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