Thursday, December 7, 2006

Dream Reaper (2006)

I never know what to say about these kinda know, the ones that were filmed by a group of friends in their backyard just for kicks? Most of them are just so bad, but you know it must have taken a considerable amount of time for them to put everything together - the script, the cast, the crew, the shooting schedule, the editing, etc., etc. And I know it's all done in fun, with tongue-in-cheek humor, but geez these movies usually suck and they leave me wondering why the hell anyone would go to all this trouble to make such a crapfest!

Dream Reaper, I'm afraid, is another casualty of the no-budget genre. It tells of a band (the greatest metal band on the planet!) called Dream Reaper, who piss off the real Dream Reaper by making shitty music and releasing it under his name. Man, he's been made fun of in the Nether Region (nyuck nyuck) for months now!! When each band member falls asleep, he enters their dreams and kills them! And then they die in real life (sound at all familiar?)! Can the lead singer stop the Dream Reaper before all his rock 'n' roll dreams die with his band mates?

This movie bills itself as a "horror-comedy," but I only chuckled a few times. Let me assure you, I do like to have a chuckle every now and again, but this movie was definitely not doing it for me. I've never been high, but I almost wanted to get high, so that maybe, just maybe I would find Dream Reaper funny. Long and overdrawn masturbation scenes = NOT funny! Overacting and an annoying lead who looks like and repeatedly tries to rip off Supertrooper's Farva character? NOT funny! An Austin Powers' Dr. Evil rip-off from the villian of the flick? Somewhat funny, but not funny enough!!

Did I mention this was a feature-length movie? Man, I could have lived with a short, but an hour and a half of this? It's a good thing I was sedated on flu medicine or else I probably would have punched a hole through the TV.

Attention all no-budget filmmakers: please stop making crap! This is the very reason I hate receiving and dread watching these kind of screeners - they usually suck. Filmmakers, make sure you have a good script and decent actors before subjecting us horror fans to more of your drivel!

At least Hack Films, who made this film, lives up to its name...

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