Sunday, January 7, 2007

Subject Two (2006)

I was turned onto this indie flick by a fellow intrepid horror viewer who highly recommended Subject Two. An updated version of the classic Frankenstein story, it tells the story of Adam, a medical student who accepts an offer from the mysterious Dr. Vick who lives up in the secluded and snowy mountains. After a long hike through the snow, Adam arrives at Dr. Vick's and learns that his experiments involve reanimating the dead. Adam quickly becomes Subject Two as the doctor kills him and brings him back to life with a serum. Adam still has his mental capabilities intact, but Doc repeatedly kills him, giving him different strengths and variations of the serum. With each new death and rebirth, Adam becomes stronger as Dr. Vick perfects his experiment. All is not well, though, as Adam becomes paranoid of being infectious and we wonder what happened to Subject One...

From the beginning, I was sucked into the story and the interaction between the two men. Since most of the film involves just the two lead characters, their chemistry is very important and both actors pull off their roles flawlessly.

The story is an intriguing one, but becomes repetitive after a while. While we are treated to various methods of death for Adam - a shooting, a stabbing, a wrist slitting, etc. - the last half of the film begins to drag. Some plot points are never fully developed, which is a shame because if this film introduced something besides the killings of Adam, I believe it could have been great! The surprise at the end was a treat, but it came a little too late to recover from the repetitiveness of the rest of the film.

Overall, a pretty unique movie with some stellar acting from Christian Oliver (Adam) and Dean Stapleton (Dr. Vick). Yet, it needed a little something extra to alleviate the story's repetitiveness and slow pacing. Still, I would recommend you check it out if it sounds like your bag, baby.

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