Thursday, January 4, 2007

Feast (2006)

I finally got to see this gory treat over the holidays...let me tell you, it is good, gory fun!

A group of strangers are at an isolated bar in the middle of the desert when a man busts through the doors and tells them that there are creatures outside ready to rip them all apart. Their only chance of survival, he says, is for them to listen to him and follow his lead. A second later, he's pulled through the window as dinner for the monsters. And so begins quite a fun ride...

For a very simplistic and cliche storyline, Feast is a lot of fun! I love the intro to each of the characters where their stats (including their life expectancy) pop up. Character development isn't a big focus here, but we get a pretty good idea of who each of the characters are with their stat cards before the action commences. The film also features some clever, comedic bits that are pure gold! We get Jason Mewes playing Jason Mewes and Henry Rollins as an inspirational speaker who ends up in some tight pink shorts! Those two performances alone made this movie worthwhile...

The action and gore is relentless as the quickly dwindling bar patrons struggle to defeat the monsters. Sometimes, though, the action is a little too fast. In some scenes, especially the attack scenes, the editing is so fast and choppy that it is difficult to see what is happening. This editing, some silly dialogue and the bare bones story are my only complaints.

This movie is one big, fun rollercoaster ride with plenty of gore and splatter. Gorehounds will be delighted as the film is basically bathed in blood and guts. If you are looking for a night of mindless, bloody and comedic fun, Feast is for you.

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