Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Frolic (2007)

The Frolic, a 22 minute short, deals with a mental patient who has kidnapped and murdered many young children. Dr. David Munck (Michael Reilley Burke) is assigned to handle the case of "Johnny Doe" (Maury Sterling), and this film finds him on the last day of the job. Having a small child of his own, the Doc has really been affected by Johnny Doe, forcing his resignation from the mental hospital. As the doctor examines the case files and videotapes one last time from the supposed safety of his home, he is haunted by Johnny Doe's otherworldly ramblings about taking his "special friends" to frolic.

Based on Thomas Ligotti's short story, The Frolic is a creepy piece of work, relying on the strength of the actors and the surefire direction of Jacob Cooney. The cast is superb, especially Burke as the good doctor and Sterling as the serial killer. Production values are all there, the film looks crisp, clean and very professional - not your average low budget picture here.

I really enjoyed the story and loved how it was delivered on-screen. It is neither graphic nor gory, but this film really gets under your skin and lets your imagination work for you. This supernatural thriller is one of the better indie thriller shorts out there, and definitely deserves a look.

More information on The Frolic can be found at Wonder Entertainment's website.

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