Thursday, November 2, 2006

Tales From Beyond (2004)

Tales From Beyond is an anthology of four stories that begins with a couple visiting an old bookstore to find a gift for their book-collecting friend. The owner of the store (Adam West) decides to show them his special rare section. As they go through the books to find the right gift for their friend, we are introduced to the stories one by one.

Story one features a man facing a troubled marriage. He begins having strange nightmares that are getting progressively worse and more disturbing. Can he figure out the meaning of the Abernathy house that appears in his dreams and save his marriage before he is driven crazy?

Story two is about a man who stops into a diner to grab a quick coffee. The only person there is the owner, Nex, until others start to show. The problem is, these other people appear to be from different times in history and the diner may be some sort of time travel hub.

In story three, a man discovers that his TV remote can fast forward and rewind time. He sees his own death on the news and goes back in time to stop it from happening...but can you really change your fate?

The last story is about a struggling boxer who is trained by a mysterious man who calls himself Goldie. Who is Goldie and can he help the boxer win for once?

It was a treat to see Adam West as a kind of narrator for the whole movie, and he was his regular creepy self. The rest of the film was so-so. It's not campy like Tales from the Crypt and not as cheesy as The Twilight Zone, but takes itself much more seriously. I enjoyed the first two stories, but the rest just went downhill. I had a problem with some of the acting - some of it just wasn't good! Also, the pacing was slow and uneven in places.

On the other hand, this movie had great production values and looked pretty good for its low budget. Let's not forget that it had Adam West! Don't expect gore, either, as I don't remember any blood at all. These short vignettes are more psychological horror than anything else.

Check it out if you enjoy horror anthologies without the campiness of Tales from the Crypt.

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