Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Headspace (2005)

This little indie flick started out strong, with a young guy who has amazing, above genius brain power, though he pays the price with wicked headaches. He starts having flashbacks of his violent childhood...soon, brutal killings start. He soon realizes there are demons on the loose, released from his nightmares...This was an above average indie film, with decent acting, especially by the lead, played by Christopher Denham. Director Andrew van den Houten has definitely seen a monster movie or two, and knows to keep the monsters out of sight for most of the film. Unfortunately, the end of the film was only so-so for me. Also, the tone and pace of the first half of the film is vastly different from the last half, which kinda bugged me. However, I do recommend you check this movie out, because it's better than most of the crap out there now. Also it features the fabulous Olivia Hussey, among many other recognizable faces.

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