Monday, November 13, 2006

Night of the Living Dead 3-D (2006)

This weekend I headed out to the theater, as giddy as a schoolgirl, to check out Night of the Living Dead 3-D. Man, was I prepared to fend off zombies coming out of the screen and giggle in delight at knives, shovels and other pointy objects got dangerously close to my face. I was ready to geek out, 3-D style!

Alas, I was a little let down at the lack of 3-D effects. It seemed that a majority of the 3-D action was reserved for the passing of a doobie and blowing smoke rings. Where the hell were the zombies and scary pointy objects coming out at me? Sadly, the 3-D effects were wasted...nonetheless, it was still an enjoyable movie to watch.

Night of the Living Dead 3-D isn't a direct re-make of the original, but kind of a spin off. They even feature the original movie playing in the background in a few scenes. This one gives a bit more explanation as to why the dead walk. It still has most of the action going down in a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere, but it also has some nice twists.

If you are a Sid Haig fan, you won't be disappointed, even though his screen time is only 15-20 minutes, if that. He plays a great character in his signature style. The rest of the cast acting can get pretty annoying at times, but overall it doesn't affect the movie negatively too much.

I enjoyed the groddy zombies...they were properly icky. The storyline itself was pretty cool, specifically the explanation of why and how the dead came back to life. Plus...there's no happy ending!

Overall, it was a fun movie and you should check it out, even though the 3-D is so-so. It's cool that they came out with a 3-D horror flick, I just wish they would have used the 3-D more effectively for more scares.

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