Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Hell Night (1981)

Next, we've got Hell Night, another long-lost gem. This one stars Linda Blair as a cherub faced sorority pledge who must stay the night with three other pledges in a "haunted" mansion before being allowed to join their sorority/fraternity. The mansion used to be home to a rich man and his wife, who bore only deformed children. The husband goes crazy and murders his family then kills himself, but legend has it that one of his children has survived and still lives in the mansion...killing anyone who dares enter.

So, the four co-eds get cozy in the huge mansion while the head of both the frat and the sorority set up booby traps, trying to scare the pledges out of the house. The four soon discover what's going on and pretty much assume everything else that happens that night is a sick joke - that is, until their friends turn up dead.

The killer, complete with the obligatory heavy breathing, watches and stalks them from secret passageways that run all throughout the house. One by one, those crazy kids succumb to the killer. Once the pledges discover what's going on, they run out of the house, run back in, run back out, their numbers steadily diminishing while they wait for help or dawn to arrive.

For a slasher flick, this one wasn't bad. It was fun to see Linda Blair in another movie, even tho she looked like she was 14 years old. Another treat was to see the guy who played football star Tom Roberts in Rock N Roll High School as one of the pledges. The film created a nice sense of tension - I kept yelling at the TV - "RUN! Jump the fence...nooooo...what are you doing?! Not back in the house...nooooo!"

Also, surprising for a horror flick were the good looking guys who played the pledges - they lived longer than most guys do in horror flicks as well as providing some eye candy for the females in the audience...something I can always applaud!

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