Tuesday, February 14, 2006

My Bloody Valentine (1981)

Valentine Bluffs is a small mining town haunted by its past and a pissed off miner named Harry Warden. Seems that 20 years ago, the town was holding its biggest shindig of the year, the Valentine's Day dance. While everyone was dancing up a storm, a group of miners was still working in the mines. Their supervisors couldn't wait another minute to get to the dance, so they left the miners by themselves in the mines.

An explosion occurred and the miners were trapped! Harry Warden was the only survivor. Needless to say, after being trapped with his dead buddies in the dark and being forced to eat them to survive, Harry came out a tad bit crazy. He was committed, but escaped to kill kill kill every time the town had another Valentine's Day dance. All Valentine's Day festivities were canceled for 20 years...until now! The town has decided to festoon itself in red, pink and white again...drawing Harry back for more revenge. It all starts out innocently enough...townsfolk receive cute poems promising death and candy boxes with human hearts inside of them - you know, to show someone you really really love them...to death!

Meanwhile, the young local miners are all revved up for partying on V-Day, even after the mayor cancels the dance. They logically decide to have the party at the mines, cuz you know, it's isolated so no one will hear them. Ya, no one will hear them scream!!

Harry goes on his killing spree, using such inventive techniques as death-by-dryer and death-by-showerhead. Some party-goers end up touring the mines and then running for their lives as Harry picks (hehe pun intended) them off one by one with his stabby mining pick.

I really enjoyed this movie - I love it when a horror movie focuses on characterization instead of just gore gore gore. There was drama between the characters in the form of a love triangle - TJ left Valentine Bluffs and his girlfriend Sarah for better fortune in California. He failed and came back to work in the mines, but Sarah now has a new boyfriend, Axl. It seems like a cliche set-up, but it just adds to the tension of the movie. Also, I thought a horror movie set in a mine would be completely stupid...but I was definitely proved wrong. Mines are frickin creepy!! I also liked the ending...seems that Mr. Warden wasn't the only one pissed off at the town. Da-da-DUM!!

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