Monday, March 9, 2009

Gory Gear: The Brothers Ink

The Brothers Ink is a unique t-shirt company. Not only are their dark, morbid designs wicked cool, but the company is run by the artists and designers themselves! They strive to be the most creator-friendly t-shirt company around, so if an artist’s designs are accepted, the t-shirt is advertised as the artist’s own! Plus, the artists receive royalties on every sale of their shirts!

The Brothers Ink debuted at the San Diego Comic Con with three lines of designs, but they are working on expanding their line as more and more artists contribute their designs. Since the artists are working for more than just a one-time fee, they work harder to create their best work to ensure its success and we get some bad-ass t-shirts outta this deal!

Now, The Brothers Ink was kind enough to send us four of their shirts for review. First is the “Skull Badge” shirt designed by Drunken Apostles. This black tee with a shaded skull surrounded by filigree will make you feel like a true hard-ass. The skull design on this tee makes it really stand out from other skull t-shirts. “Skull Badge” has a very sinister, dark, don’t-mess-with-me vibe that just begs to be worn while riding a Harley or hanging out in a dive bar.

Next is “Undead Boy” by DeadBoy, a stark white stick figure set against a black t-shirt. This stick-figure zombie has come back from death with a taste for flesh…that flesh being his little pet dog. The design is nicely juxtaposed on the left side of the tee, giving it a stylish twist.

DeadBoy also designed the “Drowning” tee, where another stick figure is dying a grisly death underwater. This t-shirt comes in white, with the sketched design in black positioned on the right side of the shirt.

My favorite t-shirt would have to be “Skull Balloon,” as designed by artist Jason Shawn Alexander from his Skull Saw line of clothing! It shows a dark figure of a little boy holding a bleeding balloon that features a leering skull. The effect is unsettling and creeptastic! Also unique to this t-shirt is that it is printed on a tan tee instead of the usual black or white, which makes it stand out even more!

Currently, The Brothers Ink is working on other designs as well as searching for other artists that are interested in contributing designs! If you are an artist interested in working with The Brothers Ink, please visit their website to learn how to submit your designs!

The Brothers Ink is a wonderful t-shirt company that rewards the artists for their creative designs and clothes its fans in fantastically unique tees. They are a t-shirt company everyone should be supporting, especially considering their amazing prices for such high-quality shirts!

Check out all the above-mentioned designs plus more at The Brothers Ink Official Site!

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