Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Gory Gear: Level 27 Clothing

If you like a slice of the darker side of life, like wandering cemeteries under a full moon, cozying up with some old black and white horror classics like Bride of Frankenstein or Dracula and counting the days until Halloween, then you will revel in the creepy clothing creations of Level 27!

Started by best friends Steve Sievers and Billy Martin (of band Good Charlotte fame), Level 27 Clothing boasts playfully dark designs, most of which are designed by Martin himself. Bats, zombies, blood splatter and monsters adorn their exuberantly macabre tees and hoodies.

Ghouls and boils will love their colorful designs that just scream “FOR THE LOVE OF HORROR!” They were kind enough to send us several of their designs for review, and now we present these to you, dear readers!

First up we have two of Level 27’s zombie tees. The first is called “Lone Zombie” and appropriately features one green-tinged, moldy-looking zombie shambling across the blood-splattered front of a black shirt, a bold Level 27 logo in the background. This tee will have you looking slick for the impending zombie apocalypse…

The zombie love continues with Level 27’s “Walking Zombies” tee. Printed on a black t-shirt, two zombies jerkily drag themselves along the right-hand bottom hem. The bright-blood red, gothic Level 27 logo stands guard over the right breast, seemingly protecting the wearer from attack…or perhaps encouraging it!

To complete the zombie homage, Level 27 also makes a “Zombie Head” belt buckle that is grotesquely endearing and will complete the horror fiend look. The belt buckle is hefty enough to kill a few zombies if you hit ‘em in the head with it! You can save money by buying the “Zombie Head” belt buckle along with the “Lone Zombie” t-shirt in one of Level 27′s bundles! It’s a killer deal!

Level 27 also makes spooktacular clothing for scream queens. Their limited edition “Creature Feature” tee comes in many different colors in women’s sizes (as well as men’s!). It showcases a collage of the classic horror monsters, including Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, the Bride of Frankenstein, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, the Wolfman and the Invisible Man.

Women will also go batty for Level 27’s “Bats with Bows” hoodie. This snug hoodie comes in black and features two creepy-n-cute bats gracing either side. The purple accents around them really make the boo-tiful bats stand out. Horror queens won’t be able to resist the lure of this hellacious hoodie! It’s the perfect thing to wear for a moonlit midnight walk through the old cemetery!

For fun-in-the-sun (or gloom), horror-lovin’ women can’t go wrong with Level 27’s “Blood Monsters” tank top. Designed exclusively for Level 27 by extraordinary artist Alex Pardee (, the tank looks blood-stained and soaked in gore, with two dismembered monsters staring out from beneath all the grue. The tank top runs extra long, so it’s perfect to throw over your bikini for a gruesomely cute cover up.

All of Level 27’s clothing is printed on high-quality American Apparel shirts and are 100% cotton. They are constantly bringing in new, horror-inspired designs, so keep your eyes peeled on their website ( and their Myspace ( for new gory gear!!

Level 27 Clothing makes clothes for those of us that are unique, who love the dark side of life, who love classic horror movies, who cherish Halloween and want to make it everyday, who enjoy leisurely strolls through graveyards, who have pondered what they would do if a zombie apocalypse should happen…for those of us that consider ourselves “Children of the Night,” Level 27 Clothing will always be there for us, in the dark, waiting…

So what are YOU waiting for? Feel Level 27’s dark embrace and outfit yourself in some of their ooky-spooky, gory gear!

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