Monday, June 2, 2008

Book Review: Deep Inside by Polly Frost

I’ve never been a big fan of written erotica, looking at it as too tacky, sleazy and repetitive for my tastes. Horror-themed romance novels were the absolute worst, usually featuring one-dimensional males with rippling muscles and flowing tresses and maidens in distress that needed saving (and sometimes a good spanking). And why do they always seem to feature seductive vampires in the lead roles, intent on sucking more than just blood?

So, I stayed clear of the whole “horror erotica” genre, until I received Polly Frost’s Deep Inside in the mail. Great, I thought, now I have to give it a go! Yet reading Deep Inside, something was awakened deep inside me that had me begging on my knees for more after each short story. Frost has crafted ten tantalizing tales that each feature strong, well-drawn characters, kinky situations that will pique anyone’s interests and satisfying supernatural twists that give her stories a very unique outcome.

As mentioned, Deep Inside features ten separate short stories that explore the twisted and horrific side of sex, with plenty of bizarre yet enticing situations to tease readers with. Frost injects her stories with dark sensuality and black humor. One particular example would be a dominatrix who is slowly losing control of her life and career. Frost’s dialogue is sharp and witty one moment, then down and dirty the next. She covers everything from tentacle porn to voodoo dildos to erotic asphyxiation with aplomb.

My personal favorite stories included “The Pleasure Invaders,” about a tentacled alien race that turns out to be the ultimate in ecstasy, “Viagra Babies,” about sexually superpowered humans who were created by a generation of Viagra abusers, “Visions of Ecstasy,” about a psychic that can see other’s sexual futures but not her own, and “Deep Inside,” about dildos infused with magic to make them feel like the real thing…but with chaotic consequences.

Frost’s writing is deliciously naughty, an indulgent experience that will push you to the brink but keep you satisfied with a commanding writing style. Frost avoids clichés and stereotypes – there are no “throbbing members” or other repetitious language in her novel, only highly original, unique and kinky vignettes that share their pages with engagingly horrifying story lines.

If you are looking for a series of short stories that blend horror and erotica, Polly Frost’s Deep Inside is your one-stop shop for x-rated Twilight Zone-type stories.

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