Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Gory Gear: SEIBEI Clothing

SEIBEI is a clothing line filled with colorful designs, clever phrases and monsters so cool you’ll want to take them all home with you!!

Creator David Murray was inspired by everything from Japanese literature (which he majored in for four years), wood block printing, watching way too much TV and reading way too many comic books. He says his designs “balance my love for Saved By The Bell with my love for H.P. Lovecraft.”

Horror movies have also played an integral part in his designs. David says:

“There are obvious connections between some designs and horror classics, like the homage to Dawn of the Dead in ‘Thriller Was A Documentary,’ but usually it’s more subtle. I’m a big fan of horror movies in general, but the SEIBEI worldview has been influenced primarily by these films: Vampire Hunter D, Dawn of the Dead, Shaun of the Dead, The Happiness of the Katakuris, Evil Dead 2, most any Godzilla movie, and The Lost Boys. I’m trying to strike a good balance between weird and cute, with a bit of black humor, and hopefully you’ll be able to see their influence in some new designs that are in the works.”

With zombies, vampires, mummies and dinosaurs adorning the brightly colored shirts, David’s mix of “weird and cute” ensures that SEIBEI makes shirts for the horror fan and monster man (or woman) in all of us! Take a peek at the designs below to see for yourself!

Being one of the undead would explain a lot about the seemingly decaying Michael Jackson, which is one of the reasons the “Thriller Was a Documentary” shirt is so friggin’ awesome. It also has the style of George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead, which just makes it that much cooler. I always had my suspicions about Michael…and how rad would the zombie apocalypse be if it was a choreographed dance number!?

A vampire’s life is tough enough, but it seems that their career choices are pretty limited as well. If you’re a vampire, you might as well forget about your dream of becoming a lifeguard (too much sun) or a heart surgeon (too much temptation)! You’re pretty much limited to two choices – the unconventional route of working against your kind as a vampire hunter, or the more traditional vocation as a straight-up bloodsucker. Now there is a shirt to commemorate a vamp’s hard-knock life. Oozing with style and droplets of blood is “Vampire Career Fair.”

Someone whose life isn’t so tough is a razor-toothed dinosaur. They can pretty much make all the demands they want and, boy, they better be met!! A popular demand of dinosaurs, naturally enough, is sandwiches, and lots of ‘em! Now you can have a dinosaur’s authority with SEIBEI’s “Sandwich Dinosaur” tee. Never again will you have to ask for a tasty sandwich, because your t-shirt dinosaur will speak for you!

When there’s no more room in hell, you want to be prepared for the dead that will walk the Earth, right? SEIBEI offers “Intramural Zombie Hunter” tees so you can start your own league of zombie hunters. These athletic-inspired shirts come with customizable options…we got one with “FATALLY YOURS” emblazoned on the back. You can even customize the level of bloody gore you’d like to have on the shirt, from none at all to lots!! You’ll definitely be ready for the undead with this shirt (or at the very least you’ll look really, really good while the zombies chomp on your brains)!

Speaking of those back from the grave, you can’t forget SEIBEI’s mummy shirt, entitled “Who Wants to Live Forever?” and featuring the ironic image of a mummy smoking a cigarette. Creator David Murray can’t figure out if this is a pro or anti-smoking design and neither can we, but frankly it’s just so cool looking that we don’t care!

Beside these unique and playful designs, SEIBEI carries many others that are sure to tickle a horror fan’s fancy. All shirts are American Apparel, ensuring that they are soft and fit snugly and also come in many vivid color combinations.

I absolutely fell in love with SEIBEI’s designs and definitely think they deserve wider exposure. Their shirts are fun, playful and very unique! Horror fans are usually limited to black tees with a horror movie logo on them (and everybody has those!), but SEIBEI offers horror fans many more creative choices that’ll ensure you stick out in a crowd.

For a limited time only, if you use code ‘FATALLYYOURS’ during checkout at SEIBEI.com, you’ll receive 10% off!

So what are you waiting for? Put a monster in your closet with SEIBEI today!


Visit SEIBEI today at SEIBEI.com!

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