Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Gory Gear: Mini Cassette Tees

Strikingly bold and beautifully bright t-shirt designs make Mini Cassette Tees stand out from the horror tee crowd. That, and their varied selection of tees that go beyond the horror spectrum and into different designs from the sci-fi and video game worlds. The company was started by three fans in 2007 who wanted unique shirts to wear. Not finding anything but the same ho-hum black and white t-shirt designs, they decided to start making their own…out of this Mini Cassette Tees was formed.

Mini Cassette’s designs focus on nostalgic subjects, but it’s their presentation of these subjects that makes them feel so fresh and new. For example, horror fans’ beloved Bub, the brainy zombie from Day of the Dead, is infused with new life in a bright turquoise blue and blood red combination. His visage really pops in these colors against a black tee as he chews on a tasty reward. With the mix of bright colors and one of my favorite horror characters on this shirt, it is my favorite from Mini Cassettes.

Then again, they also have “The Iller” shirt, featuring everyone’s favorite “Thrill”-er, Michael Jackson in full zombie glory. I remember being enthralled by the music video as a kid (while my best friend Megan just couldn’t bear to watch it) and the same can still be said today. There’s just something about the mix of the music, the zombie dance and the familiar voice of Vincent Price to get any horror fan tapping their foot to the beat. This design is insanely popular nowadays (maybe because Michael Jackson really IS starting to look like a decomposing zombie), but I could never get enough “Thriller” anyway. In Mini Cassette’s design, their zombified Michael stares from the depths of his sunken eyes, awash in gruesome green and clothed in his signature red jacket. The backdrop against a black shirt re-emphasizes the fact that he appears to be “coming for you!” out of the shadows! This shirt is pure perfection…

The theme of zombies continues with the girls-only “I Love Zombies” tee, perfect for expressing to the world how you feel about the shuffling slow-movers. It’s playful, colorful and will let people know that your heart belongs to the walking dead! I consider this a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, either for yourself or fellow horror lover! C’mon…who wouldn’t want to give their heart to a zombie this Valentine’s Day?

Next is the exclusive girls’ tee, “My Pet Zombie.” Printed on a green shirt, this tee celebrates the awesomeness of the possibility of having a pet zombie. Just like in one of last year’s favorite horror films, Fido, this tee takes the time to ponder the possibilities if zombies could be domesticated as pets!! The cute but edgy ‘50s-inspired little girl on the shirt shares our dreams and has somehow made them a reality, for trailing behind her is her own pet zombie, ready to play “tea party.” Look closer and you’ll see “Bub” spelled out in block letters near the zombie’s feet! Everyone will be green with envy when you are the first to wear this must-have shirt!

Mini Cassette Tees do have other designs besides the perennially popular zombie…their Monster Squad tee, in black and white, is the perfect homage to many horror fan’s favorite childhood film. Other tees include a super-cool take on Michael Myers, called “Mikey’s Ride,” a killer Jaws-inspired shirt, a Maximum Overdrive-inspired tee that is emblazoned with the evil killer semi-truck and more!
Mini Cassette Tees also addresses the fact that horror fans enjoy other things besides scary movies…like the sci-fi genre and old arcade games! They offer up a wide selection of other cool tees to keep you and all your interests covered.

I love the high quality fabric Mini Cassette Tees uses…they are thick enough to feel sturdy but thin enough to be super-soft and offer a slim fit. Women’s shirts are printed on high quality American Apparel tees, so it’s no wonder they feel oh so good! More good news for girls, Mini Cassette Tees offers more tees in girl’s sizes than a lot of other horror t-shirt sites out there! And they aren’t just “girly” designs either!! Comfort and scary style…what else can you ask for!! The guy’s shirts are also stylish and are printed on either high-quality Hanes or Gildan t-shirts.

Mini Cassette Tees has only been around since 2007, but they are poised to go big with their rad ‘n’ retro designs! Hit ‘em up before you are the last kid on the block with their cool tees…made by fans for fans for something uniquely different!

In the words of designers and owners Danny Miller, Chip Hoppin and Patrick Cudahy, Mini Cassette Tees is “a t-shirt company for the fans of horror movies, sci-fi flicks, retro gaming, and everything in between…basically giving the average fanboy a cool, hip t-shirt to sport.” I couldn’t agree more. These are the kinds of shirts you would make if you had your own clothing company…these are cool shirts by fans for fans!

Go buy some shirts!! – Mini Cassette Tees Official Site

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