Monday, December 10, 2007

Gory Gear: Dance Party Massacre

Bursting out on the horror scene like a heart ripped from a teenager’s chest, Dance Party Massacre unveiled their first line of freakishly and fabulously designed horror-inspired T-shirts. Designer Alex Dakoulas, a recent graduate of Massachusetts College of Art in Boston and a hardcore horror fanatic, broke his piggy bank to give stylish slasher fans high-quality T-shirts whose designs pay homage to Sleepaway Camp, Friday the 13th, Halloween and 80’s B-grade splatter flicks. He himself says:

“As you may know, the first line derives a lot from slasher movies. Slasher movies typically involve a group of young teenagers being stalked by a masker serial killer—like Halloween, or A Nightmare on Elm Street. It was the horror genre that fit the best as a starting point for the line, and it created a lot of inspiration for the original idea for Dance Party Massacre.

That idea being that what this graphic apparel line takes from horror is not just horror imagery, but horror metaphors and ideas. That there is something, or someone, out there trying put us down, kill our dreams, stop us from living our lives and just like the people in horror films we are struggling and fighting to stop those demons. However melodramatic that sounds, if you don’t take it too seriously (like throw in a little dancing and partying), that’s what is really behind the basis for this line.”

What a perfect mix for horror tees! The Dance Party Massacre tees are THE most unique and fun horror shirts I’ve seen!! You won’t find any of these exclusively creative prints at your local homogenized mall…these are truly different and inventive horror shirts that are guaranteed to thrill slasher fans who crave something sinisterly special!

Dakoulas has started with five different designs for his first line of Dance Party Massacre merchandise. Each one features a colorful, striking design that leaps off the shirt to strike any passerby down with awe. For once, horror fans are given shirts that pop with color and are fun!!

The pale yellow “Blood on the Dancefloor” shirt features a sneaker stuck through with a large, bloody butcher knife. Many horror fans will recognize this as an homage to the poster art for Sleepaway Camp. Or perhaps you’ll associate the image with the dancing, sneaker-wearing JJ from the TV show Good Times crossed with an unfortunately bloody encounter with a psycho killer. Either way, it’s a killer way to blend fun and danger!

“The Classic,” a black shirt with Dance Party Massacre written in bloody red letters, is a throwback to all those cheesy VHS horror films that lined the shelves of the local rental store. Didn’t they all seem to use that same blood-dripping font? This shirt is my personal favorite of the bunch. It combines the company’s great name (“Dance Party Massacre” – a mix of merriment and mayhem) with the nostalgic feeling of 80’s horror movies.

The vintage-looking “Start Living” shirt features white and blue text on a grey shirt that says, “Start living…before you start DYING!” If Dance Party Massacre was a movie, designer Dakoulas says this would be the tagline!

“Candy Apple Razorblade” is a deep purple shirt that features a candy apple spiked with razorblades. It hearkens back to the urban legend of people handing out apples at Halloween with razorblades stuck in them.

For the turquoise “Something’s After Us” shirt, Jason of Friday the 13th and Michael from Halloween were the inspirations. It features a psycho mask that’s equal parts Jason’s hockey mask and Michael’s William Shatner mask…plus, it glows in the dark, so no matter where you hide, you know the killer will find you.

All of the shirts are super-soft, high-quality cotton. The shirts come in a variety of both male and female sizes, so everyone can experience the Party! Through the month of December Dance Party Massacre is generously offering 25% off all their shirts! Hurry, though, when the designs are gone they are GONE! They won’t come back like Jason or Michael.

Dance Party Massacre has awesomely amazing shirts that any slasher fan would go ga-ga for (I know I have!!). Let’s face it, horror fans have limited choices when it comes to horror tees (how many Zombie shirts can you have?), but Dance Party Massacre offers us something wholly new with their exciting designs.
If you are looking to get your favorite slasher fan (or yourself) something to die for, Dance Party Massacre is your first stop!! Their eye-catching designs are soon to be on everyone’s wish list this holiday season, so get your’s first and stand out in the crowd!

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