Monday, December 31, 2007

Best and Worst Horror Films of 2007

Well, kids, say goodbye to 2007 and hello to 2008!

It’s been an amazing year for us here at Fatally-Yours, one that has seen us grow exponentially from our humble beginnings, and we would all like to thank you all for reading our film, comic and book reviews, product spotlights, interviews and news!

It’s also been a big year for horror, even with naysayers decreeing horror “dead” due to some low box office numbers for the likes of Hostel II, Captivity, Grindhouse and more. Horror is not dead, on the contrary, it is thriving if you know the right places to look!

I've assembled a list of top picks for this year, both in the best and worst categories for horror films. Take the time to discover some unknown gems you might have missed this past year and to avoid some sure-fire duds. Celebrate the New Year by looking back on this year’s best and worst horror films!

Fatally Yours’ Best of 2007

1.) Grindhouse – For me, there is no splitting up of Planet Terror and Death Proof; they are a package that deserves to be seen together, which makes it quite a pity that they were released separately by the Weinstein Company when they finally made it to DVD. Despite that disappointment, Grindhouse was the most fun I had in a theater in 2007, an experience that most people grieviously missed out on.

2.) Bug – Completely terrifying in its own unique way, this movie caught me entirely by surprise and left me speechless after viewing. Director William Friedkin creates a claustrophobic, intense and scary atmosphere, all in a one bedroom hotel room with two characters. Ashley Judd is back in my good graces.

3.) The Mist – The ensuing behavior of humans trapped in a grocery after a strange mist filled with monsters besieges the town is one of the scariest aspects of this startling monster movie. With convincing monsters, both supernatural and human, director Frank Darabont again proves he is the master of the Stephen King adaptation.

4.) Stupid Teenagers Must Die! – Enough cannot be said of this ultra low-budget, ultra fun homage to 80’s horror movies! With memorable characters, a great cast and a laugh-a-minute storyline, this was my favorite indie horror film of 2007!!

5.) 28 Weeks Later – Non-stop action pushed this film above and beyond its predecessor, 28 Days Later. A sequel that is better than the original is hard to come by, but 28 Weeks Later managed to do just that.

6.) Zodiac – One of the best films of the year, horror or otherwise. Director David Fincher returns to form after 2002’s disappointing Panic Room with a film that’s both scary and smart…and Robert Downey Jr. never looked so good!

7.) Sympathy – This is an absolute marvel of independent, edge-of-your-seat entertainment! This is another low-budget film that boasts twists and turns, excellent acting, complex characters and plenty of bloody action.

8.) Alone With Her – Colin Hanks amazes as an obsessed stalker. The audience itself is also a voyeur as we view all the action through Hanks’ characters hidden cameras. Extremely disturbing and realistic!

9.) Fido – An absolute delight filled with 1950’s zombie charm!

10.) The Orphanage – An atmospheric, thrilling and tragic ghost story that arrived in theaters at the tail end of December. At first I wasn’t too impressed, but the film managed to get under my skin so much that it deserves a place on the list.

Fatally Yours’ Worst of 2007

1.) Hills Have Eyes 2 – Hands down, the worst of the worst. Annoying, stupid characters and a nonsensical and unentertaining plot had me rolling my eyes every 2 seconds and just itching for the stop button.

2.) Dead Silence – The film started off ok and with a great premise, but too many horror movie clichés and stupid character choices ruined it. By the end I was begging it to be over.

3.) Resident Evil: Extinction – So bad that I don’t even remember seeing it. I take it as a blessing.

4.) Creepshow 3 – An utterly pointless cash-in on the series that featured HORRIBLE stories…RIP OFF!

5.) Vacancy – Pretty damn vacant, if you ask me. Kate Beckinsale and Luke Wilson’s lack of chemistry was only one of the problems this boring and over-hyped film had.

6.) Hannibal Rising – The only thing I can recommend from this movie is hottie Gaspard Ulliel and the beautiful scenery. The rest was absolute rubbish.

7.) Somebody Help Me – This urban thriller was riddled with clichés from the start…couple that with stupid decisions made by characters and you’ve got another eye-roller.

8.) Disturbia – Hey, look at me! I’m a rip-off of Rear Window for clueless teeny-boppers!! This movie annoyed the hell out of me and was so pedestrian and dull it made me want to rip my own eyes out.

9.) 1408 – I had high hopes for this Stephen King adaptation, but unlike The Mist, it failed to entertain and, more importantly, it robbed any of the wonder and scares from the story.

10.) Murder Party – How this ended up “critically acclaimed” is beyond me. A gimmicky movie that becomes exactly what it is trying to parody – egotistical artistes that really have no clue. Boring, uninspired and bland.

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