Monday, October 30, 2006

Night of the Demons (1988)

It's Halloween night and what could be better than partying in an old abandoned funeral home? If getting killed and/or possessed by eviiiiiiiil spirits is your bag, then nothing is better, baby!

A group of high school kids decide to party hardy at Hull House, an abandoned funeral parlor with a nasty past. It's in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by high walls and an underground stream. The stream supposedly keeps evil spirits out...or in!!

The kids start screwing around and hold a seance in which they gaze into a mirror, hopefully to see their future. When everyone else is yabbering away, one girl sees a gnarly dragon-like demon in the mirror. The mirror shatters, she freaks out and it appears as if they've released some demons. The hosts of the party, Angela and Suzanne (Linnea Quigley) become possessed first and start acting a little strange, like sticking lipstick in their nipples and lighting their hands on fire.

By this point, most of the kids have split up; some have tried to leave (only to find themselves trapped within the walls) while others are just trying to find some private time in a cozy coffin.

Everything quickly goes to hell as the demonized Angela and Suzanne kill their friends, who also turn into demons. Soon, only two people are left...will they survive the Night of the Demons?

This is a very memorable flick, especially when Linnea Quigley sticks that lipstick into her boob! Extremely entertaining doesn't even describe half of it! The old crotchety man in the beginning and end was my favorite! Also, the drawings/animation over the opening credits were neato! However, this is also an 80s flick so expect a lot of cheesiness and wackiness!

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