Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Masters of Horror - Dance of the Dead (2005)

Tobe Hooper's installment for the Master's of Horror series, this film is generally predictable, especially the "twist" ending. I enjoyed Robert Englund, the club scenes and the flashback/dream sequence opening of this film.

In a postapocalyptic world, survivors struggle to go on with their normal lives, even though the dead come back to life. Peggy is the typical naive, good girl who has been sheltered her whole life by her mother. It seems when the apocalypse happened that it was Peggy's birthday party. Peggy, her sister and her mother escaped to their house while they watched their friends die by chemical/acid burn outside. Since then, Peggy's mother has kept a close eye on her, especially after her older sister ran away.

Soon, Peggy is lured into the "real world" by a cute biker, probably the first guy who has told her she is pretty. They head to a notorious town, which Peggy's mom has warned her to stay away from. Here, they go to a club that features "The Dance of the Dead." It seems that the club owner and M.C. (Robert Englund) buys the living dead to put them on stage and makes them "dance" by shocking them until they collapse into a quivering, twitching heap.

Peggy's mom follows her to the club and soon a horrible family secret is revealed...

I would say skip this installment of the Master's of Horror series...Hooper peaked with his first film, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and has never made a film to top that. I wasn't expecting much, but this film was still a bit of a let down...one thing to watch for is the zombie oral sex!! Definitely disturbing...

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