Monday, September 4, 2006

Kingdom Hospital - The Series (2004)

So, I was busy there for about a week watching the Kingdom Hospital series. I was completely spellbound by this series. It started off really slow and wasn't necessarily scary, but it was indeed spooky and consuming...I just couldn't stop watching.

It features the little girl from Silent Hill as a good spirit and my current favorite Kett Turton (who was a lovely goth in Gypsy 83) as an evil spirit. There is a battle between good and evil happening on the grounds of Kingdom Hospital, and it is up to a coma patient, a psychic and a doctor to stop the evil.

It's a bit difficult to explain an entire series, but if you like a spooky atmosphere, ghosts, mystery and dark humor...this is a good series. Stephen King adapted this from a Dutch miniseries called The Kingdom (I have yet to watch it). I recommend you check it out!

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