Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Invaders from Mars (1953)

Invaders From Mars, called "the definitive Cold War sci-fi film" by some, was released in 1953 and boasts many many montages of the U.S. Army preparing for war. Trucks, tanks, marching soldiers, rockets - all are on display many times over throughout the movie. Those reels probably make up 20 minutes of the movie alone! Besides the annoying montages and 50s cheese, this film can be somewhat fun (having a few drink beforehand is recommended).

The plot: A young boy, who has a very caring father and mother (sleeping in separate beds - ah the 50s, tee hee!), sees a flying saucer crash into the sand dunes near his house. When his father goes to investigate, he returns to the house a changed man. He's not so caring anymore as he barks orders at his son, David, and slaps him around a little. David is concerned, especially when he sees a strange mark on the back of his father's neck. Soon, his mother is also changed as is anyone who ventures near the sand dunes. They all return with marks on their neck and in a zombie-like zen state. David tries his best to alert the authorities to the danger of an alien invasion, but it may be too late as many higher-ups have already been infected! Can David warn anyone before it's too late?

I didn't have a few drinks before watching this, but I wish I had. It was an ok film, with some endearing qualities, but overall it was boring. I enjoyed the story, but there were just too many montages of the military. Geesh!! Of course the theme of the film was to be diligent and to not let the enemy (aliens = communists) infiltrate the United States. (They could be your next door neighbors! Your police chief! Your parents!) Of course this has some bearing today, as everyone is so concerned with terrorists, but I really don't care. This movie also sent the message that the U.S. military will emerge victorious and will not be defeated! Both of these messages were a bit overbearing and ridiculous.

Perhaps if one is having a 50s-themed party this could be shown for a bit of nostalgic fun, but remember to have alcohol on hand to relieve the dullness of this movie.

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