Thursday, March 2, 2006

Black Christmas (1974)

Black Christmas is a cult favorite among horror-lovers. Ooooh boy was this good! It's Christmas time, and in the sorority house all the sisters are leaving to go home to their families. The girls throw one last party, and receive some pretty obscene phone calls. The next day, most of the girls leave for the holiday leaving only a few in the house, along with the boozy den-mother.

One of the girls is missing, though (she was killed the previous night at the party, wrapped in a plastic sheet and placed in the attic)...The police finally get involved after a 13-year-old is found murdered in a nearby park. The creepy phone calls persist as one by one the girls (and others!) are killed.

I fear obscene phone calls so this movie really creeped me out. The killer goes all out with the heavy breathing, the screeching of obscenities, even playing different roles on the phone. Olivia Hussey (she of Romeo and Juliet fame - the Franco Zeffirelli version) is also in it -- she's got to have the best hair ever! Margot Kidder also puts in a performance as the party-hardy head of the sorority.

Watch this movie alone in the dark and see how far you jump when your phone rings - I totally freaked when my phone rang in the middle of the movie!

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