Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Horror of Our Love: A Short Film (2010)

What if Michael, Jason or Freddy tried to get a date with one of their intended victims? What kind of hijinks and shenanigans would they get themselves into while trying to woo a girl? Not to mention, how would the girl react?

Well, director Dave Reda (director of the fantastic Bit Parts) asked these same questions and filmed a hilarious short to try to provide important answers to viewers who are just dying to know!

In the six and a half minute short, a killer (a mix of hockey-mask wearing Jason, bag head Jason and Leatherface’s flowing locks – played by Reda) falls in love with a girl (the cute Kate Melia) after killing all her friends in the forest and tries his darnedest to get her to fall in love with him. He brings her severed body parts, real hearts and decapitated heads, but they just don’t seem to be doing the trick as all she ever does is scream and run. Will he ever get his girl?

I don’t want to give too much away, but I had a great time watching this enjoyable and funny short. I’ve promised not to give away too many of the gags, but think of this short as the kind of love token two horror-loving adults would share with each other on V-Day!

Though the humor throughout the short is horror-centric, there are a few nods to some classic ‘80s flicks as well. And whether horror or pop culture references, every gag in the short is hilarious! It’s one of those videos you just can’t wait to share with people because you know it will have them rolling on the floor!

Reda says that the song “Horror of Our Love” by Ludo inspired the short (and that song plays the entire running length of the short – there is no other dialogue), and it pretty much matches the mood and atmosphere of the short perfectly (or should I say the short matches the song…?). Either way, they go together like a machete in a killer’s hand, so it’s all good!

Congrats to Reda and team for crafting a totally terrific homage to undying love and I hope it is released soon so more folks can take a look at this silly, sweet and satisfying love story custom-made for horror fans!

For more info, check out Reda’s film company, Elftwin Films!

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