Thursday, January 28, 2010

Insatiable (2009)

Scott Perry’s silent short film Insatiable offers up a quick and satisfying vampire tale in under 30 minutes. Yup, I said “silent” film, as the story is told completely without dialogue…not an easy feat for a director or his actors, but Perry and his talented cast pull it off!

Insatiable tells the tale of a serial killer (Mike Lane) who is obsessed with vampires and uses fake fangs to kills his victims and then drains their blood for later use. Though he has had many victims, his distant wife (Zoe Daelman Chlanda) really has no idea what is going on with him. When he meets an enigmatic stranger (Raine Brown), things start to change for the vampire wannabe and his wife begins to suspect his dark secret.

For a low-budget indie, Insatiable looks great with balanced parts of grit and polish. It has an Expressionist feel that gives it a timeless air. One of my favorite scenes is a creepy dream sequence that looks like an old horror film from the 1920′s. The killer’s victims are all covered with translucent sheets (echoing the plastic sheets he used to cover them when he killed them) as they watch him attack the mysterious woman on a stage. The music accompanying this sequence is haunting and perfectly sets the eerie atmosphere.

Though the rest of the film doesn’t feature many scares (though the last bit is gory), it is still gripping and thrilling. It just has that mysterious aura about it that kept me interested. Plus, all of the actors give amazing performances that really sell the film. Considering they had to use just their movements and facial expressions to convey emotion, they did a phenomenal job. I loved everyone’s performance, to Mike Lane’s brooding, obsessed serial killer, to Zoe Daelman Chlanda as the concerned wife to Raine Brown as the mysterious woman with a few tricks up her sleeve!

As mentioned above, the film isn’t all that gory and instead focuses on the eerie atmosphere of the story. The blood-letting that is shown works well within the context and I found the special FX to be well done. A little gore goes a long way in this horror short!

Insatiable gives us a little taste as to what filmmaker Scott Perry is capable of, and let me tell you, after this I’m hungry for more!

Check out Insatiable’s Official Site!

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