Monday, December 14, 2009

Everything I Needed to Know About Zombies I Learned from the Movies (2008)

Think about it…where did you learn about zombies? Most likely all you know about zombies you learned from the movies. The mother of all zombie movies, Night of the Living Dead, taught us plenty about gut munchers, like how they are usually slow shamblers who are drawn in hordes by flesh. They are the reanimated dead and have no emotions or recollections about their past lives, they can’t communicate and all they live to do is to feed their insatiable hunger for human flesh.

Well, what if everything we learned from movies about zombies was wrong?

In writer/director/producer’s Sherezada Kent’s five minute short film Everything I Needed to Know About Zombies I Learned From the Movies, she humorously explores our misconceptions about zombies.

The short begins with three people trapped in a basement during the zombie apocalypse. They finally decide to escape despite the zombie threat outside, but are surprised to find that their assumptions of zombies have made asses out of them.

Everything I Needed to Know About Zombies… is a delightfully fun short that put a big smile on my face and made this jaded horror reviewer giggle, which can be quite a feat for any horror comedy to do! I found the premise clever, charming and original. I was expecting just another smartass zombie short, but I was truly surprised at the direction this short took.

I also loved the acting in the film, especially from the three lead zombies. I can’t say any more without giving too much away, but I will say that for a low budget film the acting was pretty solid and extremely entertaining!

If you ever get a chance to see Everything I Needed to Know About Zombies I Learned From the Movies, I highly recommend you do yourself a favor and check it out!

Visit the film’s Myspace page!

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