Friday, October 9, 2009

Book Review: The Werewolf's Guide to Life - A Manual for the Newly Bitten

Lycanthrope lovers rejoice! The new Werewolf’s Guide to Life: A Manual For the Newly Bitten, by Ritch Duncan and Bob Powers, is a quirky, fun and informative “how to” book that horror fans can really sink their claws into!

This manual-style book is written specifically for people who have been bitten by a werewolf and shows step by step not only how to survive, but also thrive as a lycanthrope. Check out the book’s description:

Have you been attacked by a wolflike creature in the last thirty days? Was it after the sun had set and under a full moon? If you answered yes to both of these questions, there’s a very good chance that you were bitten by a werewolf. You now have less than a month before the full moon returns and with it your first transformation into a savage, bloodthirsty beast.

-Werewolves are real.

-The majority of lycanthropes who do not have access to this book die during or shortly after their first transformations, generally due to heart failure, gunshot wounds, exposure, drowning or suicide.

-Hollywood horror movies are NOT to be used as guides to living as a werewolf. Their goal is not to educate but to entertain. As a result, they are largely ignorant of the realities of the conditions.

-Ignorance creates monsters; lycanthropy does not.

-You are not a monster.

The Werewolf’s Guide to Life cuts through the fiction and guides you through your first transformation and beyond, offering indispensable advice on how to tell if you’re really a werewolf, postattack etiquette, breaking the news to your spouse, avoiding government abduction, and how to not just survive but thrive. You cannot afford to not read this book. Your very life depends on it.

The Werewolf’s Guide to Life is a tongue-in-cheek romp that discusses living with lycanthropy. Besides what the description discusses, the book also covers issues such as different werewolf body types (The Big Bad Wolf, The Pug, The Papa Bear and The Lionthrope), tips on your first transformation (take off all rings, including your wedding ring, bring extra clothes, etc.) and even a handy food guide estimating how much food you will need the three nights out of the month when you’re a werewolf. It also explains hairy subjects like dealing with vampires (or, “the effeminate undead” as the authors call them!) and other werewolves, proper restraint systems, building a safe room, romance, health and avoiding doctors, government, police, werewolf hunters and “fur chasers” (people obsessed with werewolves). It even discusses the science behind lycanthropy and why and how it occurs!

Authors Ritch Duncan and Bob Powers have written a very fun (at least for non-lycs; for lycanthropes this is serious business) tome that runs in the vein of horror how-to’s like The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks! The book is an engaging read and very quickly paced, which means you can probably get through it in a few sittings. This is infinitely practical for new lycanthropes that need all the vital information they can get before their next transformation! It also boasts lots of quirky humor, not to mention the vast array of information it covers! If you have a werewolf question, it’s probably answered in The Werewolf’s Guide to Life!

Besides the informative manual-style of the book, it also features some amusing side notes, including “Famous Lycs Through Time” that includes a side box every 20 pages or so featuring people like social activist Rosa Parks, artist Norman Rockwell, comedienne Minnie Pearl, explorer Sir Francis Drake and many more! The book is also beautifully illustrated by Emily Flake, featuring pictures and diagrams that perfectly punctuate the items discussed by the authors.

The Werewolf’s Guide to Life: A Manual For the Newly Bitten is a devilishly delightful read that will have you howling with joy! Not only is it a vital read for lycanthropes out there, but also provides plenty of hair-raising fun for non-lycs as well!

Pick up your copy before the next full moon!

Order your copy on Amazon!

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