Monday, September 29, 2008

Gory Gear: Akumu Ink

Akumu Ink is a new clothing company that launched in early 2008. Based in Montreal, Akumu’s bold t-shirts stand out because of the special care that owners Joey and Dora put into them. Shirts are printed only when an order is placed. Once each shirt is hand printed, Joey then touches up any areas by hand while Dora treats each one with heat to ensure a super-soft feel. Each shirt is tagged with its own hand-written toe tag for a morbidly delightful touch!

Not only that, but Akumu Ink’s t-shirt designs are original and impressive! Akumu Ink wears its influences on its stylish sleeves and is inspired by horror movies, anime, comics and Japanese culture. The name “Akumu” itself means “nightmare” in Japanese! Joey says, “We were playing around with the concept of letting our ideas flow from our dreams to a tangible state and came up with the name Akumu Ink.”
Akumu’s newest shirts are prime examples of this fusion of influences. “Toyko Massacre” features a design with a cute (but deadly) Japanese schoolgirl wearing a Jason-inspired hockey mask and wielding a mean-looking chainsaw that would give Leatherface a run for his money. The design is full of energy and I love how the design juxtaposes innocence and evil!

Their next new shirt design is called “Shukketsu,” which translates to “bleeding.” One of Akumu Ink’s more gory tees, “Shukketsu” will have people thinking you’ve had a run in with Hellraiser’s Pinhead! Bloody trails track across the t-shirt and the razorblade emblazoned with “Akumu Ink” at the bottom hemline guarantee you’ll stand out in the horror crowd!

Akumu’s dark “Of Horror I” tee shows a frightened victim surrounded by bright red splatters and drips of blood. This striking print is what every horror tee should be: shocking, disturbing and bold!

Other shirts feature grinning cats, crescent moons, grinning skulls, cute (but morbidly obsessed) Japanese girls, splatterpunk scissors, hearts and stars! Their tees come in many colors, among them bleakest black, putrescent pink and gangrene green. Most come in either men’s/women’s sizes and can be specially ordered to come with or with out the Akumu Ink logo.

Akumu Ink does everything with its customers and fans in mind. As co-owner Dora says, “A lot of time goes into our product but at the end of the day we are really proud with what we put out and I think people can see that.”

Akumu Ink’s gleefully ghoulish designs can be purchased at and on their Etsy store at You can also find their t-shirts at Sin City Tattoo and Piercing in Montreal, Canada and their tees are coming soon to Lions Laier Boutique in Castlegar, British Colombia.

Visit them on their Myspace, Facebook and blog!

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