Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Gory Gear: NecroLites Candles

For those of us that surround ourselves with the decadently darker aesthetics in life, NecroLites seems to have been specifically created to cater to our wants and needs! NecroLites create richly regal candles for those of us that prefer life on the dark side (or perhaps like to dabble in it from time to time). One of the many amazing things about this company is that they use only the finest of eco-friendly ingredients and they hand make each and every one of their candles. All of the candles are made using natural soy/beeswax instead of synthetic waxes and only essential oils are used to create the tantalizing scents. These scents are never overpowering or artificial smelling, but rather lightly accented with deep, sensual scents.

Speaking of scents, NecroLites has a dizzying selection of different candles that come in a variety of exotic scents. Rich, earthy scents designed to invoke an atmosphere of dark enlightenment are featured in NecroLites’ Black Arts collection. These include Black Magic, Cloven Hoof, Deadly Nightshade, Dark Communion and Dragon’s Blood. Centuries-old scents used in temples and on altars for millennia to soothe and inspire are featured in the Sacred Scents collection, including White Sage, Nag Champa, Transcendence, Neroli de Luna and Carnal Inclinations. In NecroLites’ Beyond the Grave collection, a decadent array of sensual scents are showcased for setting an alluringly dark mood to match your own dark aesthetic. Featured in that collection are the scents Wallachia, Akhkharu, Fragrant Decay, Reawakening and Hellfire Honey.

The candles themselves are gothically gorgeous in a variety of colors and come with beautifully lettered labels emblazoned with a skull emblem. The scents, as mentioned before, are absolutely amazing and will lightly but fragrantly scent your entire home. For those of us that wouldn’t be caught dead in a bright and chipper Yankee Candle store but still crave the ambiance-setting glow of a flickering candle, NecroLites is perfect for creating a darker ambiance!

Currently, all NecroLites candles are handmade at the time of order. That means that each and every time you will receive a unique candle that hasn’t been sitting on a shelf for months. Also, custom orders are welcomed, so if you have another scent in mind, do not hesitate to contact them and they will try to accommodate your request.

Whether you are looking for ritualistic candles for the dark arts or just looking to create a more entrancing ambiance in your home, Necrolites is the perfect place for people of a darker persuasion to incite their olfactory senses.

As their tagline goes, “Join the Dark Side. We have candles.” I couldn’t have spoken it better myself…

UPDATE: Unfortunately, it looks like this company has gone out of business as their website is no longer up :(

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