Monday, March 3, 2008

Gory Gear: Bite Mark Clothing

Zombies need some killer threads, too, and that’s where UK-based Bite Mark Clothing shambles in. Creeptacular creator Elaine Blakely has created a fun clothing line that both zombies and zombie lovers will die for.

Bite Mark Clothing is the brainchild of Blakely, who designs, prints, packages and mails all the t-shirts herself. All of the tees are limited editions, and come toe-tagged with custom labels that show which limited edition you have received out of 250.

Launched on the ever-so appropriate day of October 31st, 2007, the clothing line is already a hit among horror fans as well as being worn by bands (Blakely announced that the label will exclusively sponsor a few lucky bands, the very first being Autumn Tragedy) and featured in magazine articles (most recently in Revenant Magazine – check out their giveaway for Bite Mark shirts!). Unlike the slow zombies Blakely so loves, Bite Mark Clothing shows no signs of slowing down.

We were tickled blood red by the packages that we received to review for Bite Mark. First off, the packaging was absolutely wicked! This was, hands down, the BEST horror packaging I’ve seen yet! The padded envelopes were black and addressed with custom Bite Mark shipping labels. The other side of the envelope was emblazoned with a red biohazard print and, best of all, bloody hand prints! Suffice to say, I was already drooling before even opening the envelopes!!

Inside, each shirt was lovingly wrapped in blood red tissue paper and sealed with a Bite Mark sticker. With this GORE-geous presentation, I just couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into Bite Mark Clothing’s tees!

And what a tasty, tasty experience it was! The designs are printed on super-soft, super-comfy American Apparel shirts that feel oh-so-good! My favorite shirt of the bunch turned out to be the awesome “Die Happy” tee. It’s a very simple design, but entirely eye-catching. The font is slightly distressed, giving the tee that “worn-in” look (or that I-just-fought-a-horde-of-zombies-now-make-me-a-sandwich look). Die happy today!

Next up is the “I Love Zombies” tee. And who doesn’t love zombies? Let your love be known with this unique this design that re-creates an otherwise common phrase by using a killer font and replacing a cutesy red heart with a real-looking, anatomically correct model. It gives new meaning to the phrase, “I give you my heart!” This shirt will have you ripping out your own heart for a pieces of the action!

So, you wanna be a part of the zombie team? You know you do…and you’ll definitely need the “Bite Mark Jersey” tee to make varsity! This classic tee uses a distressed font on a black t-shirt with a trio of Bite Mark’s trademark skulls smack dab in the middle. Go Team Zombie, go!

The newest edition to the Bite Mark Clothing collection is the “Night Watch” tee, which features the Glasgow (hometown to Blakely and Bite Mark) skyline, just above the bottom seam and text that reads, “While the city sleeps, the dead eat.” The trademark Bite Mark skull is right over your heart, which is, as Blakely puts it, “a fitting place to have Mr Mori (the Bite Mark Skull).”

Besides these four designs, Bite Mark offers several other t-shirts and accessories. For such high-quality and custom designed clothes, the prices are very reasonable, even with shipping taken into account. Not only will Bite Mark Clothing dress you in style, but they’ll do it without burning a hole in your pocket!

Bite Mark Clothing is a labor of ooey, gooey love for Blakely and it shows. Her creations are everything a horror fan could ask for and the extra special steps she takes in packaging and presentation really show how much she cares about Bite Mark’s customers. Her devilish designs are to die for and after a taste of Bite Mark you’ll definitely be craving more…

Visit Bite Mark Clothing’s Online Store and Score Some Gory Gear!

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