Saturday, February 10, 2007

Eat Your Heart Out (aka Skinned Alive) (2007)

The sh*tty poster art does not do this flick justice! 

'Til Death Do Them Part...Or APART!

This Valentine's Day, instead of getting your sweetheart the typical and tired candy and flowers, be a little creative. Get them this wicked little film that shows the real meaning of "until death do us part," or, in the case of this film, "until death do us APART!"

Jeffrey (Jack Dillon) is a lonely insurance salesman who has bad luck with the ladies. His mother died recently, with Jeffrey constantly by her side throughout her illness. He now wants nothing more than to find a woman that he can cherish and spend the rest of his life with. With his love life going nowhere, Jeffrey begins hiring call girls to keep him company. He wants to connect with them, but each of them turn him down when he asks for a follow-up date. Meanwhile, men throughout the city are being torn apart and devoured by a hooker (Melissa Bacelar). She enjoys seducing them and then eating them alive! A man (Joshua Nelson) is currently searching for this hooker, whose name is Pandora, as she killed his brother. Jeffrey tries a different escort service and, in a twist of fate, they send him Pandora. The two have an immediate connection and before long are deeply in love. Pandora soon reveals to Jeffrey her secret - that she needs the flesh of men to survive! Also, the stalker out for revenge is hot on Pandora's heels while Jeffrey's sister believes that Pandora is a creation of his mind. The question is, how far will Jeffrey go for true love?

Eat Your Heart Out is a wonderful low-budget film that features lots of bloody gore, an interesting story, great acting and a well-written script. The gore here was quite impressive for a low-budget film. The first scene alone, where Pandora bites off the lip and lower jaw of a client, made me squirm! We also get nipples being torn off, intestines spilling out of a very large man, fingers severed, lots of blood, torture and of course lots of flesh-chomping. There's plenty of gore to please any fan!

The story itself is interesting and original, with a few nice twists and turns. It was nice to see a new breed of the undead, spun in a very creative way. The characters are very well-developed and the acting is top notch. Dillon as Jeffrey and Bacelar as Pandora do a wonderful job and have the right chemistry together to pull off their performances. I also enjoyed Nelson as the man torturing his way through informants to find the killer hooker. He brought a real intensity to the screen and I look forward to seeing him in other films.

I cannot stress what a gem this indie film's got the right amount of gore, humor, conflict, solid acting and an engaging storyline to keep any horror fan entertained. Oh, and of course it's got the sexy Melissa Bacelar as well as a slew of other scantily-clad actresses! Whether you are spending Valentine's Day with a special someone or boycotting the Hallmark holiday, this twisted tale of love will add some much needed blood splatter to your evening!

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