Monday, June 5, 2006

Terror Train (1980)

Who knew David Copperfield was actually hot when he was younger? I mean, he's not incredibly gorgeous, but still, I was pleasantly surprised by his good looks and intrigued by his mysterious demeanor as the magician in the Jamie Lee Curtis-helmed Terror Train.

Oh, the movie...yes on to that instead of focusing on Copperfield's lustrous head of hair...ahhhh, dreamy. Errrrr...sorry. Well, as you may have guessed by the title, Terror Train is set on a train. The fraternity is throwing its annual New Years Eve party, and this year it's a costume party aboard a pimped out train. They have booze, food, drugs, a dance floor, a band, disco lights, sexy costumes, an even sexier magician, and a killer on board. Uh oh...seems like their pal from freshmen year, Kenny, is back for revenge after what they did to him. As an initiation prank, they made him think he was going to have sex with Alana (Jamie Lee Curtis), but he got in bed with a corpse. Well, he didn't take it too lightly and spent the next three years in a mental institution, even killing a person there. He's now back to kill everyone that ruined his life three years ago.

There are a few red herrings throughout the movie and the killer wears the costumes of his victims so we are never quite certain of the killer's identity. Also, at first the conductor thinks that the deaths are accidents, so there is a delay in looking for a killer. When the search for the killer begins, everyone's a suspect!! Of course, Alana believes that the mysterious magician is the killer, until she finds him in one of his trick boxes...dead! The search is then on for costumed Kenny...but will he get to Alana before she can stop him?

I thought this was a pretty cool slasher, though the cover artwork made me groan a little bit. The movie kept up the pace and never lagged. I also liked the small twists and turns throughout the film, and who can go wrong with Jamie Lee Curtis as Scream Queen?! As for eye candy, there's Mr. Copperfield and a few other cute frat bros in here for ya! This is a fun one and I think it's on sale at Amazon right now, if you wanna check it out.

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