Thursday, May 25, 2006

Uzumaki (2000)

Ah, what a giddy ride Uzumaki is! It reminded me of something Tim Burton would direct in all his whimsical, twisted glory.

The story: People in a small Japanese town start to obsess over spirals. A girl and her best guy friend try to figure out what's happening before all their families and friends are overtaken by this otherworldly obsession. This film is chock full of atmosphere, cool special effects and an interesting story. This film is original, and while some parts aren't entirely believable or explained (giant human slugs) it is still well worth seeing.

The film isn't outright scary, so don't go in expecting Ju-On, Ringu, etc. It is definitely creepy, though. Watch for the man that commits suicide in a washer, so he can become a spiral himself, or the woman who becomes obsessed with warding off anything with a spiral shape, including cutting off her own fingerprints and ears. The film was beautifully shot, with scenes getting progressively darker as the town's fate with the uzumaki was sealed. It was also interesting how whimsical music juxtaposed with the creepy scenes.

Well worth your while, especially if you like Asian horror films and want to branch out beyond Ju-On or Ringu.

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