Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Dead and Buried (1981)

Dead and Buried spins the yarn of the seemingly idyllic small town of Potter's Bluff that harbors a nasty secret. Visitors are meeting their untimely deaths at the hands of the townsfolk, only to show up a few days later as residents of the town. Hmmmm...just what is going on here????

I was pleasantly surprised by this movie! I actually liked it. It didn't rely on hot young actors and actually had a plot with minimal holes in it. The deaths were pretty brutal, but it didn't rely solely on gore to give the audience the heebie jeebies. The first scene opened with a visiting photographer being seduced by one of the townsfolk on the beach...and just when he thought he was gonna get it on with her, the creepy townsfolk attack him and BURN HIM ALIVE! He somehow survives the ordeal, but when he's recuperating in the hospital, the seductress comes back and STABS HIM IN THE EYE WITH A SYRINGE!! ::Cringe:: Days later, though, he is up 'n' at 'em, now working at the gas station.

The new town sheriff (James Farentino), along with the old-timey mortician (a delightful Jack Albertson), try to solve the mystery before it's too late! More murders happen (and more "new" residents show up) and the sheriff doesn't know what the heck is going on! Plus, he suspects his wife is up to something. Uh oh, trouble at work and at home! The guy can't get a break!

Visitors continue to die - a drunk fisherman is harpooned and chopped up, a hitchhiker is bashed over the head with a rock, and a doctor is forced to ingest acid/poison. Soon, it appears as though voodoo or witchcraft is at work controlling the townsfolk and those who come back to life...but who is responsible?

There's a bit of a twist ending at the end, but it worked for me. Some people complain that the ending doesn't jive with the rest of the movie, but I thought everything was pretty well explained at the end.

Anywho, check this movie out with low expectations (like i did) and you'll probably end up diggin' it (hardy har)!

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