Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Gory Gear: Screaming Brain Studios

Want a horror tee that is different from the typical horror-movie-poster-slapped-on-a-t-shirt design that most vendors carry? I mean, everyone’s got a black shirt in the closet with their fave horror movie on it…but original horror tees are hard to come by.

Which is why, dear fiends, you have me to highlight some of the most original and innovative horror clothing companies around!

And I have no doubt that Screaming Brain Studios is one of these imaginative horror companies.

You see, Artist Terry Callen runs Screaming Brain Studios and creates unique t-shirts and artwork whose roots are in the macabre. Callen is a lifetime artist and started Screaming Brain to bring his obsession with the dark themes of horror to life and to infuse a new perspective into the tired imagery of horror tees and artwork.

Callen was kind enough to send Fatally-Yours some of his wicked, horror-inspired creations for review. Among the items we received were t-shirts “Skullyard”, “Spider Heart” and “Terror Shock”.

“Skullyard” is a green t-shirt that features a skull ‘n’ crossbones with a graveyard and flying bats in the background. This is a fun, whimsical t-shirt that is playful and cartoonish while still maintaining a dark, macabre feel. I especially love the background detail of the graveyard and bats on this t-shirt. This tee comes in unisex sizes and is made out of very sturdy cotton – no flimsy material here!

“Spider Heart” is a girl’s baby doll tee that hugs me in all the right places! It is a super-soft black tee with a pink and purple heart graced by a black widow and encased in its web. This shirt is the perfect mix of girly and spooky and I absolutely love it!

“Terror Shock” is a white shirt accented by black, red and green colors. In bold letters it proclaims “BLOOD-CURDLING TERROR! & SHOCK! AROUND EVER CORNER” as a ghoulish skeleton (or zombie) head gazes on. I love how the design reminds me of old exploitation movie posters! It’s fun, but still manages to have that ooky-spooky feeling about it.

Besides tees, Screaming Brain also sells one-of-a-kind artwork by artist Terry Callen himself! I received two very special prints (which I don’t think are being sold) of Callen’s interpretation of Frankenstein’s Monster (appropriately called “The Monster”) and Nosferatu, called “The Parasite”. Both are GORE-geous works of art and I am honored to hang them in my house! They are the perfect mix of fun, fantastical and fearsome!

Screaming Brain Studios excels at making one-of-a-kind works of art and designs for horror lovers! Besides the products mentioned above they have a collection of other t-shirts, prints, sculptures and other pieces of art for sale. Artist Terry Callen is an extremely talented artist who is helping to bring some much-needed originality to horror tee companies, and I’m glad he is doing it from a dark artist’s perspective!

Visit Screaming Brain Studios’ Official Site!

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