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Interview with Actress Julin Jean

Julin as "Miko" in Sweatshop

We here at Fatally-Yours were first introduced to Julin with her breakout performance in one of the best independent horror films of 2009, Sweatshop. Little did we know that acting is yet a small part of Julin’s multi-talented repertoire, which includes not only actress, but performer, musician, songstress, model and writer!

We finally caught up with the very busy Julin as she had a break between filming and modeling as well as her appearance at Crypticon October 16th – 18th! Read on to find out what inspires her, how she juggles her many careers and what it was like to go goth for Sweatshop!

Fatally Yours: Hi Julin! It’s a pleasure to be chatting with you! You are a multi-talented performer and musician, doing acting, modeling and singing. What drew you to the entertainment industry?

Julin: Thank you! Sorry to take a little bit getting back to you, I just got back from Boggy Creek, then I had re-shoots for the movie, Up and Down, then I left to New Orleans to do some modeling work. I’m here in the Big Easy right now as I am writing to you. J I always loved watching movies and performers when I was growing up – getting lost in that moment, going to the theater, or catching a play, I still do. I always wanted to be one of the people that stood in front of the crowd, and I don’t know why because in real life, I can sometimes come across as kinda shy.

Fatally Yours: You have certainly been busy! Being based in Texas, what is the entertainment industry like there? Would you ever move out to L.A. or New York to pursue your career?

Julin: The entertainment industry in Texas is small so you get to know a lot of people which is great, it’s a great place to start off, build experience and a resume. I love New York I would love to move there, but if I wanted to go somewhere for my acting career I would probably take off to LA. Who knows what I am going to do next, I am starting to work on my 6th film project this year starting in November called Playing House, directed by Tom Vaughn.

Fatally Yours: How do you juggle having multiple careers like acting, modeling and singing? Would you like to eventually just focus on one or do you want to continue pursuing them all? 

Julin: I can only focus on one at a time, so if I am filming a movie, I focus on that, and if I am recording I focus on that, modeling for me, is more for fun. I also love to write, so I would love to take a vacation somewhere and write, but I am so busy right now and addicted to acting that I can’t stop!

Fatally Yours: I just saw you in the amazing Sweatshop as the adorable gothic Miko! How did you land the role? 

Julin: I auditioned for [director] Stacy Davidson for a different movie, I actually did a monologue from  the movie Hard Candy, and he really like it and asked me if I was interested in playing Miko, and I said YES! Who doesn’t want to play a cyber goth girl and get smashed to death.

Fatally Yours: Did you do anything special to prepare for your role of Miko in Sweatshop? Like reading up on goth fashion and music or watching a bunch of horror flicks? 

Julin: I had to Google online what cyber goth was to understand that kind of culture, and I listened to some more electonic music, I watched some movies that had some ravers in it so I could understand how they move and dance. Also, I just thought that if she is going to dress like that then she is someone who likes a lot of attention so I just played that up and had fun with the character. I did watch a bunch of horror flicks as well, I like going to Hollywood video and picking some independent ones or ones that sound interesting that I have never seen before.

Fatally Yours: What was it like working with the cast and crew of Sweatshop

Julin: I loved working with all of them, they were pretty much like a family before I stepped in, but they accepted me right away, we still keep and touch and get together from time to time. The set was as much fun as the movie makes it seem like it was, lots of props, costumes, and makeup.

Fatally Yours: What was favorite part of making Sweatshop?

Julin: I really liked when I did the  dance part with Ashley and Peyton, that was a lot of fun and there is a part when I am dancing for myself in the mirror, I had a lot of fun with that scene and of course right before I get killed off we have a fun scene between myself and Peyton, I am trying to kiss him and he has to avoid it, so I was torturing him during that scene, trying to get as close as possible without holding back and I stick my tongue out a lot it was funny.

Fatally Yours: Besides Sweatshop, you’ve had roles in many other horror films – Spirit Camp, The Final, Boggy Creek and Killer School Girls from Outer Space – are you a big horror fan?

Julin: I have always loved scary movies, especially when I was little. I love Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Alien, The Thing, Black Christmas, Zombie, Prom Night, Evil Dead, Cannibal Holocaust, Hellraiser…. I just get really involved when I am watching the movie so I get really freaked out and even when I am making the film I get a little freaked out, but it’s so much fun it’s worth it!

Fatally Yours: Can you tell us about the different roles you’ve had in horror films? What was your favorite role? 

Julin: I can’t pick a favorite role, because they are all so different and I loved them all. But my first big role was Rachel in Spirit Camp, directed by Kerry Beyer. I got to play a psycho bitchy cheerleader, so that was my first time on a bigger set, with a bigger part, so I will always remember that experience and all the strawberry syrup.

Fatally Yours: You also recently worked with the gorgeous Carmen Electra in Mardi Gras. Can you tell us a little about the film, your role in it and what working with Electra was like? 

Julin: I had a very small part, I was actually cast as a sister to my good friend Denise Williamson, so we spent a week in New Orleans and fell in love with the city, and had too much fun. Carmen Electra was gorgeous of course and super down to earth, we only had a small scene with her. The actors in the film are hilarious, so I can’t wait to see the whole thing. I think it comes out in February.

Fatally Yours: Tell us about your music career. I heard your recently completed single with the Ying Yang Twins. What was that experience like? 

Julin: The song I did with the Ying Yang Twins is called “Fever” and it’s available on iTunes right now, they are super professional, and it was a lot fun making the song. We also did some promotional videos for the song, that should be up on YouTube.

Fatally Yours: What’s next for you, Julin?

Julin: Playing House starts in November, I am playing the lead, it’s a suspense thiller, and just trying to finish my second album with producers David Tate, Oscar Wilde and I am working on writing new songs with songwriter Melissa Olivarri-Almaguer. Then hopefully start playing some shows soon.

Fatally Yours: Thanks so much for chatting with us! 

Julin: Thank you! And I love the site!

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